9/21/2013 … Fuji XE-1 & 21mm Skopar … Field Testing

DSCF0144Maybe because I have Groked the Nex6 that working with the Fuji seems somewhat standoffish. Don’t take this wrong, the XE-1 is a fine camera and it does everything rather well. I’m sure in a day or two I’ll be right at home with it. I think the Nex6 is developing a crush on the XE-1. Not sure and I don’t understand camera gender that well……

The Fuji has a grip I find wonderful. I know, I know everyone and their mother hates the grip. Well, I like it very much, here’s why. On a neck strap, the camera has a movement from both sides of the body that is very assuring that you won’t let it go or let it get banged against a wall, mailbox or something. See, if it moves a little then you have to pay a little attention to it and this is a very good thing. The Nex6 is the same experience except the grip was made and installed in Camera HEAVEN! I like the feeling of a camera moving slightly in my hand. The film M’s did this naturally and it’s a great feeling.

DSCF0139Here, I was bobbing in and out of the crowd as a test to the comfort and speed of the camera. It passed very well. This is the 21mm Skopar, one of my all time favorite lens. I framed the photo in my head and then as I got closer…I raised it and used the screen. By moving the camera slightly, I could make this the way I wanted. The camera moves very comfortably in the hand. Twisting and turning, changing the angle…all very ease with the Fuji…easier than the Nex6 because it’s grip is like cement in your hand. You will never drop a Nex camera.

DSCF0143I’m not overly excited about the Fuji files and I wasn’t with the X100 either. This camera is slightly better but still likes to overexpose. I’ll get it with the XE-1 because I like it. I’ll spend the time and adjust the most important presets and then I’ll do serious work. Till then, it’s just an exploration.


DSCF0138I counted 135 people walk past her and only 2 gave her anything. I slipped her a few bucks and was a little angry that people can just brush off those that need. Maybe she can take care of herself, maybe she wants to be here, maybe she doesn’t!  It’s not for us to judge or decide….?

DSCF0124I’ll be on the streets again tomorrow. I’ll post again and if your in the area, let me know…a greasy hot sausage with cooked onions on a real Italian roll is in order. Peace……shooter

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