A Day Off Is Still Work



Well, I decided to take a day off and just relax. Of course Tanya also decided that I wasn’t off, I was just reallocated to work in garden procedures. It’s like 54f as I write this. I’m actually looking forward to getting the garden going. I am moving my memorial site because strawberries have to be placed in the current area.

I told Tanya that I wanted to make a memorial area for every living thing that ever died or will die. She had that kinda Russian blind look in her face and gently kissed my forehead and told me to go take my meds before I start this project.

Ok, 30 minutes has passed, and she’s correct. what was I thinking….geeze…what an idiot. The meds are working fine and I do realize that I could never make a section of the memorial for all the living beings that will die in the future. I couldn’t possibly know all of them as they didn’t die yet.

That’s a good reason to keep her around……. So I had to do the uh…uh…water exiting body procedure. I went upstairs and had the GRD4 in my pocket…imagine that…..there coming out of the other side….well other side of the bathroom…is Barsik ….CLICK.