A Streetshooter off Street is still a Streetshooter

Ya know…. I never get bored with photography. I never feel that there’s nothing to make photos of. If I’m not on the Street, I’m off Street. It’s more dangerous around the house then around junkies, hookers, cops, he men, she men whatever. Around the house is a cat that is all to used to having a camera shoved in his face….there’s this woman that resembles my wife but if I make a photo of her or even poit the camera anywhere near her airspace…well….it sure as heck ain’t pretty.


This photo is considered…Illegal photographic procedures. This photo means I order pizza for dinner and probably lunch the next day.


This is the photo that was presented upon the photographic inquisition. I explained that I didn’t make a photo of her and that this is what I did. See me in the mirror…well that’s what my camera and I looked liked before the camera was shoved down my throat.

The camera down your wind pipe is capable of doing very interesting Macro stuff but the flash won’t pop out because the camera is jammed against your lung or whatever they put inside of us.

So to make peace until the next episode, I always make a few garden photos. This keeps Barsik the Cat and the Russian Conquistador happy and I get to make photos in LR and post them because I’m stupid and I think she will never read my blog because it’s a waist of time and we could be doing something else more important like shopping…..


So I guess I’ll sign off because Barsik the Cat is hot and I have to sweat all day until he needs the Air Conditioner.

Life is grand…..hey…Is that a new camera?………….uh oh….later……

3 thoughts on “A Streetshooter off Street is still a Streetshooter”

  1. Spode….shhhhhhh she can hear typing…
    The GR is more then I expected. It’s excellent. I’ve been on it all day and will use it Sat & Sun at the Jersey Shore.
    Maybe Monday I’ll look at the manual.

  2. I also made the mistake of thinking my wife would not read my blog. I had a my space blog with a link to my diary . I don’t have the my space any more or the wife. But I did get more space and a new camera .

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