All In a Dream, All In a Dream

New Years Day, or as we say it here in Philly…Mummers Day 1971. I got home from Nam Dec 23rd 1970. This is the first shoot I did to start the new year. After the day, I went back in my bedroom for a few months.

Mummers Day

I hate visiting my old photos. Sure I love them but each one marks a period of time that I’d probably like to forget. I’d rather leave those forgotten moments in the history of the dream world.

Someday I’ll click the shutter one last time. Then I’ll be a part of the Dream World and maybe I can find my Brothers from Nam that didn’t get a chance to be in this world….we have a lot to talk about…..

click….not yet……..!


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  1. i stopping by once a day here to see any new write up or musings … this image is superb if i didnt know it was by you don , id say it was by robert frank …it has that kind of vibe

    let me know about the book and maybe pm me if you know any good sites ; besides ; ) i am growing weary of things too

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