April 14th, 2014 … The Fuji XP1 named Garry and the 18mm Get Their Way …

04-14-0235-EditI was drinking a cup of Kona at my desk in the back bedroom that’s converted to my office when Tanya let’s me use it. I heard a rumble going on and I wanted to see what the ruckus was about. Well, The Fuji XP1 named Andre’ was arguing with the Fuji XP1 named Garry. See, Garry wanted to get out and on the street but…..that’s not the argument. See, Garry wanted to go out with the 18mm that thinks its a 27mm but acts like  28mm but we doin’ have to go there….not yet. Andre’ insisted that he should go because he has the 23mm that acts like a 35mm and he’s convinced that the Shooter fella like that FOV. Of course, so far…I have nothing to say to my cameras and lenses. They have to resolve this to keep peace on the camera shelf.

Well, Garry pointed out that his job was to provide a 50mm fov with the 35mm and also a 28mm fov with the 18mm. He said that he respected Andre’ the senior XP1 on the shelf too much to ask jim to change lenses. Of Andre’ being the gentleman camera that he is, let the younger less experienced Garry take the day. As it turns out, the lens decision was made by the cameras and I was not included in the process. So as I under stand it….Garry was going out with me with the 18mm that thinks it’s a 28mm but is really maybe….a 27mm.

I stopped for an illegal breakfast that was as always, well as it was always great. 1 egg, over easy, 2 slices of Philly pork roll fried crispy on the edges, a cup of coffee and a glass of water. 2 slices of wheat toast with pure 100% butter tops it off. I told Garry that if he told Tanya the Russian wife that has no tolerance for me not following the rules of good health, that he would never be on the street again. Garry turned his switch off until breakfast was finished.

My heart doesn’t like this breakfast combo. In fact nothing in my body needs this breakfast but….it sure as heck taste good and makes me feel good in spirit. 1 time a month I can be a bad …bad…man.

So, I was asked by Garry to make a selfie and he wanted to be the star. So I asked him….how the heck am I to make a selfie and not be the star? Garry easily explained, focus and frame….close your eyes and leave the rest to me. I did and that’s the result…up there….

04-14-0250Garry hasn’t been out that much. I guess ya can tell that. The 23mm that acts like a 35mm has stolen the show for the last….who knows? The 18mm that sees like a 27mm but really we should think of it as a 28mm…hasn’t been out since the 23mm arrived on the scene. I have to admit. As good as the 23mm is, the 18mm is a better lens on the street.

Shhhhhhh don’t talk about IQ as Image Quality, talk about IQ as Intelligence Quotient.  This way, you can use your mind to think in terms of how a lens supports your efforts on the street and not about how sharp it is. Besides, the 18mm has an amazing contrast thing going on.

04-14-0252-EditCan ya see in the above shot that there’s little or no flare. I don’t use hoods on my lenses. This makes the 18mm the most amazing lens for the XP1. I didn’t name my lenses or cameras up there because I’m talking about yours.

The RICOH GRD4, the Queen of the streets give a similar feeling when you compare it to the XP1 & 18mm. No, not the size or interface but the images you find with the camera.  Let’s face it. The camera/lens combo really does make a difference on whet you find. I’m not talking about names of the cameras but in the way they seek what you are looking for. I have a White GRD4 that is named Penelope. When I work with Penelope, the feeling is very similar to working with Garry & the 18mm. They bot take me to the same places and the same lighting. They have the same FOV and the added OVF of the XP1 is the biggest treat and incentive for working. Penelope fits in my pocket and is always ready.

Penelope is named after Penelope Cruz. I wanted to name it after Halle but well…Penelope got into my heart faster.

I will hit the streets again tomorrow and get back to my 4-6 mile walk. Till then……I don’t know…you tell me……later.

22 thoughts on “April 14th, 2014 … The Fuji XP1 named Garry and the 18mm Get Their Way …”

    1. Keith, she’s a sexi little thing like her namesake. With that camera I could move to within inches of a subject and no ill feelings develope. Breakfast, today …oatmeal, multigrain toast, dry and a Granny Smith.

      Rain all day here so……!

      1. That’s why I like small cameras for the street. Allows me more freedom. People don’t get scared when you’re with a small camera. Some people even laugh.

        Glad you’re having a healthy one today.

        Rain, rain as well…..

        1. Funny thing. I always feel like an amateur amateur with the compacts and like a pro amateur with the larger cameras. People do respond differently and that in turn has an effect on us as well.

          1. This in fact is totally true ….except the big part. I’m actually tall/slender. The white GRD4 named Penelope after Penelope Cruz keeps me in a passive emotional state.
            My wife doesn’t understand this but I know you do.

    1. Dave, I didn’t realize you were there. I felt the same thing but made a quick getaway before they asked me to take a turn……

  1. Read for big > tall, but slender? I think, there is something wrong with my eyes!

    Influenced by you Don, that naming is contagious. My XP1 named Ed, (no, not mister Ed, but Ed Van Der Elsken), known for his street photography, loves the 18mm named Vali (Ed’s muse). Vali is small but fast, has a fine angle and is hot in the middle. The less sharp corners are minor important for street photography, according Ed.

    1. Ya made my day with the naming of Ed. You’ll see a strong connection shortly. The 18 is back on Garry as Andre’ thinks it’s not manly enuff.
      I actually feel an energy rekindled with the 18. Tomorrow I’ll take Garry and the 18 for a walk.

      Now for something serious. If you get any slack from anyone about naming your camera, my shrink has hours on demand.

      1. I warned Ed during a shoot: ‘Consider Vali’s feelings!’. Than people asking my: ‘Are you crazy’? I said: ‘According my shrink and my name; crazy & lazy’. To my surprise, the people ran anxious away. Maybe I should talk softer to Ed.

        Like I said, Ed & Vali are a matched couple. Ed loves also the 35(53)mm named Ata (Kandó); Ed’s first wife.

        1. See, if you get the new Fuji Shooters Firmware Upgrade, you can communicate with Ed and Vali without talking. You can use the Fuji Mental Energy and Thought Transfer Camera Communicating System.
          I have to admit. I’ve never really named my lenses only because I could never remember all their names. I’m honored to meet someone that has that lens naming thing down and working.

  2. Hi Don,
    I rarely comment on blog entries but a, your writing was a pleasure to read and b, I don’t often meet/read photographers who name their cameras, especially Andre as my X-pro1 is called…
    Btw. I totally agree, the 18mm, that thinks it’s a 27… is truly a great lens for the streets, though admittedly it has been somewhat neglected lately as Vivian (my GR) often steps in…

    1. Ishu, thanks for stopping by and posting. The GR is a really good camera to work with as your Vivian proves. My Walker named GR was fine in the start and we made many photos that excited me. Then one day, Penelope the GRD4 told me that Walker was a nice gritty camera but dirty as well. Unfortunately the dirt she talked about was not IQ dirt but mechanical sensor dirt. I didn’t panic until the second time I sent it to Ricoh. The buyer also sent it in and sold it. I miss walker but Penelope the white GRD4 does a fine job and none of the sensor issues. So does Daido the Fuji X20.

      I thank you for stopping by and hope you do so on a regular basis. We must band together all the camera naming shooters in the world. Here, here on the streetshooter blog, those shooters are free to tell the names of their cameras without persecution or prejudiced from tool based people.

      1. Don, Sorry to hear about the issues you had with Walker, but glad to hear that Penelope and Daido are there to help you out when you fancy a walk with a 28-er…

  3. Hi Don, the blog goes from strength to strength and I’m really learning a lot from observing your style.

    I’m interested in the presets – are they the same ones that were given away with Inspired Eye, or have you come up with a new pack of goodies?

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