April 24th, 2014 … Fuji X-Pro 1 & 18mm is Magic for Low Light!

04-14-0464-EditThere are those amongst us, well not me but maybe you, that think the 18mm is a low quality lens. I’ve written this before but still, that are remote places on the Earth that have not got the message. Then there are quadabillions of shooters that think the XP1 with it’s screen and EVF are not up to par. Well, fact is, yup…there are updated models like the XT1 that have the EVF and Screen down really nice.  Keep this here next part between you and I. I tried my neighbors XT1 and for the life of me, I couldn’t find the OVF. Seriously, I looked in the battery compartment, I looked on the front of the body, the back, the side….well. Fuji forgot something with that camera. I’m not one to spread rumors and I never said this…..there ain’t no dang EVF on the XT1. Shhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone….. I wonder how people use 2 eyes to make photos. I even wonder how people’s eye doesn’t get tired from looking at the EVF. I wonder how people frame in the finder and never see what’s around the image.

I wonder how the heck in low light how they……I’m not going there but speaking of low light……..

The photo above is made in very harsh background bright light and yet, I managed to maintain the details in the mid tone and shadows. Wouldn’t the EVF kinda over expose and get real bright and not be real good in a shot like this?   The OVF just smirks at light like this.

04-14-0478-EditDon’t even think about it. Without an OVF, you’d never see the lady on the right and the ghost on the left. This is with the 2 eye framing procedure. The left eye sees everything going on and the right eye sees the frame. It sees exposure data also but when the camera is at the eye, exposure should be set already and only framing should be going on.

04-14-0485-EditFor really low light, the OVF is nice because it doesn’t get dark and have squiggly pixel thingys going on. If I were you I’d be checking prices on the XP1 as they are starting to lower somewhat. Don’t let this great camera get away from you.

04-14-0495-EditI don’t have much time to write a lot but I had to get this out because I feel it’s the real deal.




19 thoughts on “April 24th, 2014 … Fuji X-Pro 1 & 18mm is Magic for Low Light!”

    1. Dave, thanks for the links. Yeah, the 18mm is under rated by the PP crowd but the shooters, just love it. We have sunny weather here but still 50’s – 60’s and windy. I know where you’re at, it’s much worse. Take care…..

    1. Duane, you gonna come to your senses and dump the M9 and get a real camera…..? he he he.

      I’m getting Roger’s 240 for the summer so if you and I meet up, you can try it for a few days……

  1. I wanted the 18mm for my X-E2, but the camera wasn’t available as body only at the time so I got the kit 18-55mm with it. While its a ‘good lens’ (I guess) it is big…photographer big. I stand out (well my big beard doesn’t help) and people notice me pointing the camera at them. Three weeks shooting the streets of China confirmed this. With my little X100 however, I was just another person on the street.

    So, I need tips on getting a new lens past the wife…

    1. If your wife is Russian like mine….forget it, ya can’t sneak anything in. The issue with getting it past the wife is not the lens, it’s the box.
      Hide the box, the lens fits in a pocket….

  2. Great images Don!

    I tell ya, I checked out the XPro when it first can out. I thought it was too big compared to my M and got the XE-1 instead. But, after reading all the users reviews of this camera, I just may break down and get one. (After I pay off my allergist bill….)

    1. Keith,
      The XE1 is no slouch. I sent mine to Olivier because I was using it more than the XP1. Honestly, I don’t miss it.

  3. The XP1 is still the king of X-series for me. Although it’s not as snappy as some of the newer models it’s FAR better than it used to be at its release. I too have checked the XT1 recently and admittedly it focuses noticeably faster, BUT the OVF I couldn’t find either… Anyway, twas a nice camera, but not an upgrade that would make me consider replacing my XP1… Have a great weekend!
    Oh, and the 18mm is a great, light lens that likes the XP1 a lot.

  4. I loved my XP1 for the reasons mentioned, but the EVF sucked compared to the X-E2 and the X-T1.

    If they could port the good stuff from the X-T1 into the XP1…yikes..that would be a camera I’d buy.

    I love the OVF-on-the-corner-of-the-camera form factor…it’s non nose smashing.

    1. Nice to see ya here, thanks. Ya know, I hardly ever use the EVF or the Screen. I’m sure the XP2 will have all the updated features to make a first class camera but that won’t make the XP1 any less of a fine camera.
      Have a good weekend.

  5. Hello Don. I am considering taking the leap to a X Pro 1 and 35 F1.4 coming from a Canon 60D and two heavy lenses. I will shoot candid photo, including kids. They don’t have ADHD, so I guess the slower AF should be fine. Did you upgraded to firmware update 3.2 and how did this improved the camera? Most reviewed I found are 2 years old, with no updates, so they sound like this camera in a pain in the neck.. Thanks for your help! Talia

    1. Talia, I find the XP1 and 35mm to be real nice for a normal lens. Ya know, I never listen to the wannabe critics about cameras. The AF is not all that slow and for 90% of what you will do, it’s perfect. The other 10% of the time, I’m around for cursing out, bashing, blaming etc but I have no complaints whatsoever. Tomorrow I’ll be using the 23mm again as I have to answer the call to duty.
      My cameras and lenses are updated as soon as a new one is released.
      You’ll love the outfit but remember….it will perform better with you once you name it….

      1. Thank you Don for your quick answer. I began shooting photos on a Olympus OM-1, so I will be confortable with the manual aspect of speed and aperture. Still not sure about the range finder style, but we shall see. I played with a X100S for a week and found that I could get used to the form factor, even if it is not the most ergonomic. I’m curious about the 23mm: it’s rather big, isn’t it? Doesn’t it block the OVF too much? Same question with the 56mm if you don’t mind. I’ll remember to name the camera then… Thanks a lot!

        1. Talia,
          The camera actually has better ergonomics than a SLR style. You get to use 2 eyes when you want. You get to see outside the frame. The XP1 with the 23mm is a little big. It’s a great combo and if you give it a chance, I think you’ll fall madly in love.
          Almost every lens will block some of the lower right camera but this is a way of staying awake and not getting complacent in your vision.

          Good luck and please keep me and all the millions of readers updated. If you need help with setup or whatever, I’ll make myself available.

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