April 29th, 2014 … The Inspired Eye Magazine Issue #9 Is Released


This is what you have all been waiting so patiently for since last month. I know, I know…it’s not easy waiting to see the wonderful interviews, fabulous articles and just the source of inspiration you and we need all the time. So without further nonsense from me……..

Here’s the link to get the issue….: http://theinspiredeye.net/street-photography-magazine

Enjoy Issue #9 and please spread the word.

Thanks to all for your continued support.

……………………………………………………………………..shooter out!

14 thoughts on “April 29th, 2014 … The Inspired Eye Magazine Issue #9 Is Released”

  1. Don, you know, I was wondering whether to renew my subscription for IE, and then you come out with issue 9 – and there is no decision to make – subscription paid immediately! Another excellent issue with more variety that I see in any other magazine at the present time, plus sensible questions and replies for/from the contributors.

    Incidentally, why not send that sleepy 23 to me? I can give it a good home with plenty of exercise 🙂

    1. John, thanks for the support. It’s much appreciated. As for the 23mm, don’t dream as I don’t use it that much but it’s still a very important focal length for me.
      Aren’t there still good deals with discounts?

      1. Don, there are probably good deals still, but I just bought the M9-P, and there isn’t anything left in the kit fund. Must sell some other gear first !

  2. Don, I don’t know – I like the small size of the XE-1, especially with the CV 15 mounted. Less likely to worry about the value of what’s hanging off my wrist too, so more likely to take it out and shoot? I dunno, we’ll see…..

    1. The XE-1 and 15mm Heliar is as good as it gets for street. It’s the most amazing combo out there. What I found from intensive testing is that it’s just a 1 stop DOF adjustment. With the scales, geeze….I miss mine as I sent it to Olivier thinking I’d get the 14mm but it ain’t happening.

  3. Oh, do tell me more about that DOF adjustment – I normally shoot with the genuine M adapter and the 15mm profile. I think I dial in a little more exposure, is that the sort of thing you mean?

    1. John,
      The M Mount Adapter is a must have and you have it. So, with most lenses on APS-C, we have to adjust the DOF marks to suite the Crop Factor.

      With most lenses, we have to adjust the f/stop bt 1 1/2 stops to get the right DOF. So…If you’re at F/11 set the infinity mark to f/6.3 or there abouts. This holds true for every lens from 24mm up . For 21mm & 15mm like the 21 Skopar and the 15mm Heliar, set them just 1 stop.
      Example….you’re at f/11, set the infinity mark to f/8 and use the f/8 DOF marks to see your close distance.
      With Hyperfocal Distance, changing f/stops only changes the near end of the focus. Infinity is the constant denominator because that never changes. It only changes the placement of the mark on the scale.


  4. Thanks DOn, I understand – hadn’t really thought about that difference in the setting because of the magnification factor, but it’s totally logical.

    Incidentally, I’m now trying hard to resist the pull of a GR and GRD4 – stoppit willya? 😉

    1. GRD4 is the camera to relax and make photos with. The GR beings the offspring of the GRD4 is almost worth spending the $$$ on…almost but no cigar.

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