April 8th, 2014 … The Un-named Fuji X20 is a Friend on the Street and gets NAMED…DAIDO!

04-14-0130-EditSo Andre’ the Fuji XP1 and Garry the Fuji XP1 were very tired and wanted to nap. I didn’t have much time today as Tanya had other plans for me besides being on the street. So, what to do, what to do? I thought about taking the Un-named Fuji x20 but geeze, I don’t even know it’s name. It has not even given me a clue and it’s been a good while.

How the heck am I supposed to go out and be serious about my photography and the camera is like a …a….a…tool! The HORROR of it all! This can not be, this will not be this is being resolved right now. Well, not actually right now because theres a time lag between you and me and writing everything and processing in LR5.4..(new update….) and a cup of Green Tea and watching CNN for a spell to get my news fix but you get the point.


So here we are and I took everyones name into consideration. The Fuji X20 which is Black with the hood and filter and stuff that John from Washington sent me is named…..the name that Tommi suggested is the one I’ll use for no other reason than it’s the right name but don’t sweat because if you submitted a name and didn;t win the grand prize, you win anyway because if you send me an email with your address and only if you LR because the presets don’t work in LR unless Olivier the wizard from Florida waves his magic wand and then all things in the digital world are fine…..well, the camera is now named Daido. This was a hard choice because I try to name a camera after a photographer that has knowingly influenced me. Daido influenced me without trying.

04-14-0117-EditSo just send an email or post your email address in the comments box and I’ll send you a set of presets. They only work in LR. I said that but for disclosure of the highest order, I must repeat. Well, not now because I already repeated it and I’m not a complete idiot, not even friends!

The thing with the X20 is that is really is an all around camera. Daido can do tele shots, normal shots, wide angle shots and even 2 ways to do macro. He’s even got this little flash hiding inside the top plate and if ya don’t know it’s there, it will never bother you. Where the heck is the on/off switch? He ain’t got one….turn the lens barrel and eureka…it’s a freakin’ miracle I tell ya.

The ISO is very good to ISO 800. Many shoot higher than that and it’s cool but noise and funky artifacts start growing and….imagine..me the image transposer worrying about noise. Yeah, I actually do. I like to control the look of my photos and not have the camera mandate what will be the result.  High ISO is good if your prepared to get that look and can work with it. I can but I want to choose when and how.

Daido does Manual Focus like he owns it and no one else can come close. It’s true, it’s true. Andre and Garry the Fuji XP1’s get angry and tell me to forget about Daido and his fancy schmancy ISO tricks. check this put…I have to post this so the XP1’s don’t get to read it or the camera shelf will be a war zone.

here’s the Hyperfocal Distances for the Fuji X20.
2.0     10.1′
2.8       7.1′
4.0     5.0′
5.6     3.5′
8.0    2.5′
11.0   1.8′

The left column, such as it is, is the f/stop on the camera. The right column is the Focus Distance, in this case the Hyperfocal Distance. If you go to any f/stop and set that on the camera, then focus the camera to the corresponding distance, it’s easy to see why Daido claims to be King of the Hyperfocal Distance. Divide that focus distance in half and you see your DOF is very nice.

So, let’s say we are at f/5.6. Then if we focus the camera to 3.5′  we see that we have from 1.75′ to infinity in focus. Amazing!


I think another reason that the un-named Fuji X20 was given the name Daido is because he works the way I like in destroying the preconceptions I try to do with my Dreamcatcher Series. Of course we both fail because trying to destroy preconceptions just creates new preconceptions but…..BUTT! The files from Daido lend themselves to crazy processing that i like to do.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day and I’ll go to the streets with Andre’ because I miss him.  Please contact me for your free presets…..

shooter out………………..out of mind but out!…………………………

16 thoughts on “April 8th, 2014 … The Un-named Fuji X20 is a Friend on the Street and gets NAMED…DAIDO!”

  1. Hi Don, it’s Ian here …Leicester Lad on Flickr …I would love you to send me some of those free presets for me to try in LR please….. I am also considering ..well more than considering getting a X20 …I have an XF 1 but need a viewfinder and a fast lens….it looks the biz….especially now you have named yours…that has put the seal on it, I will be getting one tomorrow !!…cheers for now

    Ian Knight , Leicester Lad.

    1. Ian,
      If your looking for someone to blame for getting the X20…I’m probably a good choice. If your looking for someone to champion the X20, I’m probably a good choice.
      As friends now, I would hope that I can blame you for a few things I have in mind in the future……
      My wife is Russian and very understanding about you spending your money but not so understanding about me doing the same.

      I am very familiar with the X20 so if I can help, let me know…..
      Thanks for being around….don

  2. Well Don, I have spent the day deciding on names for my cameras. Here goes. X-PRO1 = Willy (Willy Ronis), X-E2 = Robert (Robert Doisneau), X-E1 = Brassai, X100s = Henri (Cartier-Bresson), X20 = Don, and my GRIV = Daido. And I swear that I came up with Daido for the GRIV before I read your post this evening. And I named the X20 after you because your posts and philosophy on street shooting have been an inspiration to me. And the other French photographers…I just love all the old B&W atmospheric early shots of street and life in Paris. I also have a Olympus EM5 and EPL5 that shall remain nameless for now. I got all these cameras during the past year (the Fujis the past few months) during a severe case of G.A.S. Now I just gotta keep the names straight and hope the wife doesn’t find them all. By the way – your wife is Russian…correct? Mine is Japanese. Now that the weather here in Minneapolis has turned the corner I got to get out and start shooting. Time is the problem as I still work full time. Take care and thanks for another great post. daveander47@gmail.com

    1. Dave, that’s a big step but well worth it. Ya know if I had that many cameras to name….my name would be DEAD! It’s already mud so…….

      I am honored to have a camera named after me……
      Japanese Wife….lucky. Actually I joke a lot but Tanya doesn’t care anything about my photography or cameras. She just want me to be happy….with what I have and not get another Leica.

  3. Hi from Denmark!
    I got a X20 about half a year ago. I would love to receive your presets for LR please. I’ve not done much street photography yet, I need to beat the feeling (fear) of invading somebody else’s privacy first, but I’m getting there slowly. You and your blog and your magazine inspire me. Anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts, pictures and of course, your presets (which I look forward to using)

    1. Don’t run from the X20, run towards it. It’a an amazing little camera that does everything well within the boundaries that it works with. Another thing. First day out with Daido the Fuji X20 and he made a shot that went to Explore.

      He’s the only one besides the Ricoh’s that do macro without any effort. That’s important for my garden stuff. Keith, you probably won’t like it for the street. I mean, why would you want a camera that gives you 2.5′ to infinity at f/4.0. I mean c’mon…..who needs that kinda stuff…..geeze…..by golly…..

      1. Ya know Don, I love my Ricoh GR. I loved every Ricoh I’ve had before. I used them till they wouldn’t wake up anymore. My GX100 was sweet in that it contained a nice range of focal lengths – 24 – 90 or something or other. Sometimes I wish my GR was a little wider and a little longer.

        1. Keith, I love Ricoh’s also but they blew it with the GR for no good reason. I really believe it’s the Pentax/Ricoh thing. I still have my trusty Walker the Ricoh GRD4 in White. Works perfect everytime.

          1. Hi Don. Why did Ricoh blew it with the GR? I’m curious as I am debating between it and the X100S. Tried both, love the size and ergonomics of the GR as well as B&W conversions, but 28 seem too wide for me. Love the X100S fov and aperture, but reserved over the bulkiness. Thnaks!

          2. Talia,
            Thanks for stopping buy. Ricoh made a very good compact camera with the GR. It’s parent, the GRD4 is still one of the best cameras ever made. The GR is very similar but there is a dust issue that has found its way to many cameras.

            Mine was sent in 3 times and the lens unit was replaced. Dust still gets in and rather fast.

            I have many cameras and one in particular is amazing. The Canon G9. It has been to Iraq, Afghanistan a few times, dropped off my Harley at 40MPH in a Funeral Mission. It’s an old camera and still after all this and more, spotless sensor and lens.

            Ricoh blew it on the GR and I say that as a Ricoh lover for over 45 years.

            Perhaps you should look at the Nikon Coolpix A. No dust issue.

  4. Hi, Don,
    Well, you have sold me on the Daido, I think. I have had the X100s since last August and have sold everything else ( that is not film, I still do film). But just to make sure, since I have the X100s, should I go with Daido or with the X-Pro?
    Thanks a ton
    Freeland, WA

    1. Lorraine,
      I would be glad to offer an opinion but I really need more info about what you do, what you want/need in a camera, finances etc.

      I pretty much push the XP1 because it’s the camera that will create the best challenges for your vision and offer the solution.
      Post here or email me and we can work it out. streetshooter.us@gmail.com

  5. Ghosts of Ricohs past are going to be seriously pissed that you named a Fuji “Daido.” Just saying’

    Great posts, none-the-less.

    My X20 rental arrives next week for a 10 day visit. If I name it, it may stay for good. “Gianni?” “Elliott?” “Inge?” “Eve?” “Martha?” “Martine?”

    Uh oh…

    1. Doug, you are entering the difficult part of camera naming. That is, Camera Gender Identification. It’s really, CGI. Once you get that figured out, the name will come to you quickly. Please update so we all know how things transpired. The X20 is a killer camera. I really love mne but for the moment, I can’t keep my hands off of Penelope…….

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