August 4th, 2014 … Fuji X100s … Works Hand in Hand With … Ricoh GRD4

08-14-0005-EditPenelope my Ricoh GRD4 was very angry but more than that, she was hurt because she felt neglected. Rightfully so I might add. Since I have the X100s, I haven’t really used any other camera at all. Not because I didn’t want to but because there was no reason to use anything but Andre’ the Fuji X100s. I feel real complete with this camera and even my Leica’s and Roger’s Leica’s don’t entice me to do anything.

It’s been a slow time for me shooting wise but not for The Inspired Eye. Time consuming is not a strong enough statement. Thing is, I am actually enjoying all the work for The Inspired Eye that Olivier and I put our hearts into.




I’m not getting much time on the streets but the little time I have is being used up by Andre’ and then penelope stopped me dead in my tracks the other day. She knows she has power love me with her pale white skin, sexi little body, feeling great in the hand….Of course, we have a love affair ever since we found each other a few years ago. So when she abruptly influenced me to take her out, well…who am I to question?

So, Penelope got me wanting to be working again and I promised her that I would get out more often and take her and Andre’ together, well, each in their own pocket. So I will start back seriously tomorrow and try to keep things going.


This is someones home. It’s at the 676 Underpass near 7th St. I mean I’ve seen and photographed many street homes all over the city but this was different. I crawled back thru the brush and then I saw like a living room, well designed. This house had cover from weather, protection from police or intruders. I saw on the ground  a box that had supplies in it. So I put $20.00 in it and crawled out. On the sidewalk there is a fire hydrant. I saw the wrence in the weeds, smart person. Able to do laundry, bathe and have drinking water.

I’m gonna go by this house as much as I can to try to meet this person.


08-14-0028-EditSo I know those reading this blog are anxious for me to get back to work and I promise, I’ll start tomorrow.


Shooter out…. seeya tomorrow…..peace, whatever the hell that means anymore……

12 thoughts on “August 4th, 2014 … Fuji X100s … Works Hand in Hand With … Ricoh GRD4”

  1. I love the Ross pic. Fantastic portrayal of the gap between the image meant to inspire the customer and the reality. All the other little contrasts are perfect too – a smoke vs a water bottle, posture, dress. The model’s wedding band, the ‘customer’s’ leather strap bracelet and iphone, dialing for friends…

  2. Don, I understand your feelings on this. I recently picked up a Fuji X10 and have had a GRD III for about 6 months. I have a love affair with both of those cameras for entirely different reasons. One is smouldering deep affection whilst the other is hot burning love! LOL.The sharpness, mode flexibility and instantaneous shutter of the GRD is perfect for the streets. Pocketable stealth at its best. Conversely, I absolutely adore the colors and rendering of the Fuji X series cameras. Their ability to capture panorama’s is amazing. I normally shoot with twin D800s and now find myself reaching for these “odd twins” instead. They have enabled me to capture shots that I couldnt with a big DSLR.

    1. Terrence. There exist a freedom with a smaller camera that a great larger one doesn’t allow. You’ve got a pair of cameras that are very capable of delivering amazing images. By the way, do they have names? This brings 36% more productivity to each camera.
      My cameras have names and it keeps me in the right frame of mind while working. I even have a love affair going on. My X20 is Daido, thanks Tommi. MY X100s is named Andre’ and my White GRD4 is named Penelope. runs out that Andre’ has designs on cute little sexi Penelope. I let him have his way cause he’s got a good eye….

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