Barsik The Cat and Andre’ the Fuji X100s Face Winter


Don’t worry, Walker the Sony RX100M3 was there also. See, I don’t really like winter. It’s not just the cold, or the lack of warm sunlight. It’s not that I have to wear 200 lbs of clothes and still be cold, nah.. not any one of those. It’s not even getting lectured how I’ll be cold if I don’t wear the proper protection against the cold, nope not that either.

It’s not just the cold on the cameras that makes my hands cold because I’m not wearing the gloves that Tanya told me to wear so I wouldn’t have cold hands and I know that cause it’s been that way since I was a kid and I still ain’t learned to listen. 01-15-0208-Edit

No it’s not any one of those things I hate about winter, it’s the whole damn package. All of the above and more are problems for me. So, what to do?

Well, first make sure your batteries are fully charged as cold makes them get uptight too and they drain faster. Keep your lens and all glass surfaces clean. This is obvious right, don’t believe it.

The thing is for me… winter makes me aware how precious life is. I mean I see my beautiful garden covered in snow and the remains of all the work and all the love in a frozen state. I see the cold all over the world I live in and it effects my energy, my vision both internal and external. So I guess I’m stuck in a mode of not stagnant but kinda like slo mo forward with a lot of looking back. I mean winter is a slow down time. It’s a most important time and I look forward to it every year. Why? Well I slow down and smell the dead frozen roses.

It’s a time for reflection, a time for cleaning the memory banks and deleting those things recorded that make us complacent. It’s a time to dream about the warm weather and the body loosening up and how we can’t wait ti get out and really work.

Winter is a reality check for Lightroom. Oh yeah, I got the balls to say it. Time to work the catalogs, just ask Judy, she knows. Time to organize everything. Time to drink Kona in the morning and Spatlese at night.


I’m not the only one waiting for warm weather. All the birds in the world come to my birdbath. Now they just sit and wait. No camera, no lightroom, no Kona or Spatlese.

Just sit and wait…… patiently and in the cold and wait… yup, just wait………….

12 thoughts on “Barsik The Cat and Andre’ the Fuji X100s Face Winter”

  1. after an hour or so at -15C, my camera doesn’t work so good. At -30, it acts up in minutes. Bare metal hurts too, without gloves

    1. See my friend, that’s called a glutton for punishment. Fro our readers, -15c = 5F and -30 = n-22F. That there is the real thing. My wife Tanya laughs at the cold here in Philly. She’s from Russia.
      Anyway, here in Philly, it’s amateur weather time. Walter my friend, you have Professional cold weather.
      At any rate, it’s not just a frame of mind like some say, it’s friggin’ cold.
      Seeya out there my friend….well, not OUT THERE but out there…………

  2. I used to love winter but now it’s really starting to chap my behind. The other day when I went out to try out my new camera, I had to keep going down into the subway because my hands were frozen, even though I was wearing gloves.

    Might I add one more thing to your list of all the ways that winter sucks? The fact that your nose keeps running and your eyes keep watering. Soon we’ll be complaining about the heat. I’m looking forward to that. 😀

  3. Don…hère in Minneapolis we had a heat wave today – 35 and the sun came out for a bit. But there’s plenty of Winter left. The cold really does put a damper on getting out and shooting. Take care.

    1. Dave, I know the feeling. I used to love the winter when I was young, like 5. After that I felt the cold. During one of my trips to Hawaii, it was like 85F and 30F here in Philly. I was was cold just thinking about it…..

      There’s a reason for plastic cameras.

  4. your shots are reflective and symbolic, I appreciate their beauty. looks like you may be cold, but not frozen if your captures tell the story. keep shooting shooter or not.

    1. Thanks Judy. You make it sound as if your far away… hahaha, like 20 min. I guess it’s better weather in town where I’ll be in an hour.
      Seeya out there… don

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