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Cellograph Journal …. page 2

2013-05-18 09.04.30

there’s a freedom working with a cellphone. Compact…well, it don’t get much more compact than a phone. With the freedom the phone offers comes another kind of freedom that the shooter must come to terms with. That freedom is IQ. Of course the phone can’t compete in the IQ arena against traditional cameras but then again…the phone offers a freedom from that dreaded PIXEL PEEPING syndrome.

2013-05-18 09.31.16

What this means is…the shooter now has nothing to do but make the best photo of his/her intent without the restrictions of the limiting IQ factor. Oh…don’t get it wrong. A good photo is still the goal it’s just that now the cell shooter is no longer burdened with weight etc.

A long time ago I sat back with a Pen 1 in my hand and I felt that I missed working with my Leica’s and missed my beautiful darkroom. I missed the winding of the film, the smell of fixer on my hands, the camera bag with the bodies, lenses and film. I was all digital and I had moved on. I remained focused on my images and my intent and after a short period of time, I found them once again in the digital world.

2013-05-18 10.21.24


2013-05-18 10.19.03

I was on the bus coming home and I was checking out the riders as I always do. I turned the camera on and everything else off. I turn off the apps because it conserves power but more importantly, it visually turns off everything I’m doing except the camera.

I aimed the camera….my thumb pressed the release….I waited, waited…framed as we hit bumps……..

2013-05-18 10.16.59

I realized I had a very good camera in my hand and then…….CLICK!


Cellograph Journal …. page 1

2013-05-16 09.31.385.17.2013Cellograph5.16.2013

The above cellograph is key to me wanting to continue using the iPhone 5 as a real camera making real images. Oh’ sorry….cellographs are photographs that are made with cellphone, ipads etc. Actually iPad photos are probably called iPadographs.

I was goofing with the camera, (from now on, I will refer to the iPhone 5 as a camera as it should be)…and the light just came into the sink. It illuminated with a rainbow kinda color stream that I couldn’t resist. I was already working on presets but hadn’t really had focus until this image poped up.

2013-05-17 09.05.315.17.2013Cellograph5.17.2013

So now, streetshooter is shooting streets and making cellographs….and presets to go for the ride. The camera handles remarkably well. I’m using Pro Camera and it triggers instantly. It also allows press and release triggering. You can split the exposure from the AF and place target points anywhere you want. The iPhone 5 has that beautiful Retina Display and the screen is bigger then any camera screen available.

Perfect for a screen shooter like me.

2013-05-17 09.07.59

I really am starting to find my way with this camera. Why not? I always have my phone with me even if I don’t have a camera….soooo…?

I was saying how the camera responds. The cellograph above is as good as any I get on Market Street with any camera that takes the trip with me. Maybe the IQ isn’t the same but the Intent/Content is not hampered.

2013-05-17 09.10.14

Ya know, I am a streetshooter. I like working with different cameras because I do. I like this camera because it’s the new kid in town. Remember I mentioned the screen….Oh My!

It really is a pleasure out there. Today I have to go to the Jersey Shore and I’ll try the screen at the beach. It should be better then most cameras in my minds thinking.

2013-05-17 09.17.08


2013-05-17 09.54.42

I’ll post and keep the journal going on my findings. I encourage youse to post comments and I’ll make sure that you get in the main post. There’s lots to do with this camera and ya know….if ya get tired….put some music on, read an email, got to a forum…’s all there and as good as that may be…it’s a scary thing for an ole’ streetshooter.

till next time……..

2013-05-17 09.05.37

The iPhone 5 Is In Da House

First off, here’s a few from the other day just to set the tone of this post and every post for the future of mankind and cameras….well, let’s not get carried away but I am a very happy camper.




The above are with the Mighty Pen 3 and 14mm. I know, the Pen3 is an antique sensor and I’m nuts for using it. Well, that word nuts describes a lot about me and my thinking….. So, if your really a shooter you understand the Mighty Pen.

2013-05-15 11.47.27


2013-05-15 11.52.56-2

The above 2 are the iPhone 5 in color. I did use my Presets and will tweak them again but so far, so good. I could be tempted to just use the iPhone for a while and I will do so, without using any other camera for about a month. This is not easy because I have a very good working relationship with all my cameras. Nontheless, a month will be sufficient to get to know the camera in the phone.

2013-05-15 11.53.54


Listen my friends…..I know all about pixels, grain, noise and all the other negative things people dwell upon and go crazy. Unfortunately, I am into the image. That being the case, my priority is and always will be….the image I see in my head or discover in front of my eyes.

I am not ever going to be ruled by the conventions that gear heads live by if they are not image makers first.


2013-05-15 11.54.05


….to be continued…….

Some more stuff from yesterday

I didn’t have time to process everything yesterday. Now that’s a funny thought to me. I used to run home and soup my negs. Then plan when I could print. There was never enough time to get it all done. Now, with digital…here I am again. I just can’t get it all done.

A few photos demanded my attention. Not just esthetically but because they were perfect test images for my presets. Yeah, yeah….a new set is being cooked…..without onions.

Yeah, of course …. heavy discount code for followers and from Magazine subscribers etc. I’m not here to sell anything, I’m just explaining about these images.

Example # 1.


This is from a version of “Afterlife”. Great preset, I bought it, it’s so good. Sometimes I need to adjust the highs down a little tiny itty bitty bit. ……. then the shadows sometimes need a little raise …. well this is about that.

It’s how I feel when I am in a scene that has a certain light in it. Of course the scene itself must work and this does to my eyes.


Example # 2.


I like GRIT…. GRIT = LIFE!

I had no choice but to make this photo. The entire scene just called to me. When I saw her sweater and the patterns against the windows and buildings…..well….CLICK!  This is from a preset that is modified from a released version named 8th St.


Example # 3.


Can you believe Olivier? I work soooo hard for many hours, daze, weeks etc just to get a preset pack the way I want.

Da kid….yeah da kid comes along, takes preset 7th St Color and makes a variation and by Jove…’s great. I ain’t no fancy dancy color shooter. I’m just a regular B&W shooter that has a fancy for what I have a fancy for.

This preset is the basis for the new color ones in the set. I can’t give him credit cause I’ll never hear the end of it but he done good.

If you want to try a few to see if they work in your work flow, drop me a line anywhere and I’ll get a few to you. No charge for the pleasure of doing so.


The Task Of Seeing With A Camera

……….I know, I know…I musta been crazy. It’s just a hard habit to break. I went downtown this morning , yeah…yeah…Market Street. I wanted to work the iPhone and learn how it sees and teach it how I sees. Let’s put things in perspective. We all love our cameras…yup, even Wouter and Jorge. Chances are if your anything like I think you are…you use the phone more then the cameras.

So I looked at the phone on the desk……iPhoney said to me….you ain’t got the gutz to go without a camera. It was right on the money. I grabbed the X20 and a small lens brush and that’s that. Walker’s hanging around my neck on the Luigi Braided Strap. He likes the Brown Braided better then the Black standard.

Iphoney is in the back pocket of my jeans, I have a battery recharger for the phone and that’s all.



The X20 is an amazing camera and we get along fine. It has a sense of humor but it’s not a trickster. It has never let me down and I’ll probably never fall out of love with it……at least not yet.

The phone has a nice presence when working. I carry it in my hand and I started doing a few things to throw the attention away from it’s lens. I only raise the phone when getting ready for a photo. I do this slowly because I do it slowly. Then, I press the release and wait until it’s time. When I raise the camera, I sometimes scratch my arm and then the subject does not see the picture being made. I’m still experimenting but I learned something today.

I have a new camera to work with. I feel guilty in a way because I took the X20 also and I never cheat on a camera or anyone. I’m a monogamous shooter.  I should have just taken the phone and I will once my extra batteries arrive.

I look at my photos and it’s hard to tell which is from what camera. The task of seeing with a camera is now underway but the results are very exciting and promising.

2013-05-10 09.55.11

iPhone 4

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading my thoughts.

shooter out………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Olivier Told Me I Was A 63 Year Old Hipster.

I do not can know if I should be happy or well…that’s an ugly thought. See, Olivier is much younger than me and he has these ideas that well, maybe at times they could be called exciting.

So I’m off to the VA Hospital again because my Electrolytes are as high as Duane flying in his aeroplane. Now here’s the thing. I always carry a camera. Olivier said I carry a camera all the time and don’t use it. Never I said. If I carry, I use.

Photo May 09, 11 36 20 AM

The guys a bad influence. He suggested that I use my iPhone 4 and not carry any other camera. I mean to tell ya….this is much easier said then done. I left the house and just carried the phone. It felt natural cause I have my phone with me all the time.

I kept reaching in my pocket for my camera but alas….empty. So I committed to getting this going.

It took about 1/2 hour to get the camera to be non-intruding.  It’s almost a true Point n’ Shoot. I use the widest lens FOV and the release technique for capture. The phone has great DOF so I pre-focus about 5′ in front of me….then I press the shutter release but I don let go until I frame and the moment is right. The ya just release and the camera does it’s thing.


Photo May 09, 12 14 47 PM


All in all, it’s not a bad way to work. I managed to get very close to people but those shots Olivier is using for an article.

Photo May 09, 11 37 16 AM


Once the camera stuff is out of the way, it’s time to go to Lightroom. That was cool as I’m already designing Presets for Mobile cameras.

Do I think that my iPhone will take the place of my cameras? No. Just like I choose what camera to take on a shoot, I now just increased my choices by 1.

Photo May 09, 2 35 11 PM


There’s a lot of photos out there and even inside and such. We should stay open minded as to what camera is best to use for any given session. One thing doesn’t work for me. A lot of times I carry my camera and make photos using one hand. The other hand has my phone in it and I pretend I’m talking to someone. It’s a very good way to disguise what your doing.


Photo May 09, 3 08 27 PM

I promised Olivier that I’d make an honest effort to use the iPhone as a camera. At first I was reluctant but I’ve come to see the light, once again.

It’s not a hard thing to pursue. After all, a camera by any other name is still a camera. Which brings me to an important point.

What Name does this camera get.


The Fuji X20 as a Street Camera…..Part 2

I ain’t no fanboy, can’t be ’cause I don’t know what it is.  Just cause I was a Hippie in the 60’s, don’t mean I’m Hip enough now to know about these things.

Let me start by saying what I really hate about the X20 on and off the Streets. It…….hmmmmmmm?

So now that that’s outta the way…here’s some more things I like about this camera. Now bear with me here and keep this between you and me. I don’t want this getting out. It’s got this zoomie lens on it. Shame, shame Shooter….a ZOOMIE?


Now I ain’t one to spread rumors and such but this here shot was at I think 112mm. I know, I know…..a tele shot, in color! Well, this was on the way back from yhe VA…so that’s my story and I’m sticking with it….

The X20 has a wonderful lens and to go with it, extremely fast, accurate Auto Focus…at every focal length. Put that in a small compact camera with great Image Stabilization and you have the making for a wonderful camera. I don’t use the viewfinder but I like it. I didn’t use it above but should have. I forgot about it because the screen is just so good.


On or off the street, this camera is very cool. Look, here’s the thing. I am a shooter. I have been for almost 5 decades. I learned one thing that I never forgot or even got complacent about. The IMAGE!

I love photographs. I love mine, that’s woman’s over there and yours. I don’t need all kinds of things in a camera but I do need a camera to be an active part of my creative process. I need a camera to help me capture the image without intruding on my vision.

There are many cameras that can do the task at hand if….one takes the time to form a collaboration with the camera. I am in the process of adapting the X20 to my process. Unfortunately, this camera can’t ever be a tool to work with. I feel bad about that but I must say that my cameras are not tools, they are my friends and work with me to make the images I get credit for.

Every camera that I thought about being a tool, well…..they were put on eBay.

I normally keep the X20 on 28mm. It just feels natural to me and that in itself is a pleasure. As I stated on my last post, I set the camera to MF and use 4′ as my focus distance at 28mm. I use f/5.6 but am covered from f/4 – f/8.

The Raw files convert to B&W or Color easy. Of course I use my Presets and they are tailored to my vision and my camera’s files.


This is a real serious street camera. It’s very compact, very fast and above all….it reconfigures on the spot.
This shot above…. I was coming out of the Trolley tunnel, the camera was set to AF at f?2 because I was in very low light. As soon as I saw this scene develop, I was able to in a matter of seconds to get the camera set and make this shot. I love the little man on the man’s head…..

I’m weird but have cool cameras……..



The Fuji X20 as a Street Camera…….and More

This is not a review, well, not a traditional review. These are my thoughts and findings on the Fuji X20.

With any camera that I use and hopefully end up keeping, I need certain things from it. The most important is…..the non intrusion, don’t bug me when I’m working, I’ll adjust you when I need to thing. Yeah, that’s a big sentence with a whole lot of meaning. The X20 is up to the chore. As my feelings respond to the street, so must my camera adjust to those feelings. I need to be able to change working settings without hassle.



With the camera in Manual Focus, the focus scale is tricky. Do not pay attention to the DOF marks…they are so wrong. The actual focus mark is close. So, I set the focus indicator to 4′.   At f/4,… f/5.6,… f/8,… I get around 3′ or less to about infinity in very acceptable focus. Of course this is using 28mm. I may try DOF settings at other focal lengths but not for a spell. If anyone else has tested and has settings….I’d be glad to post them and give you credit.

I would also give you free copies of the free magazine.

The Auto Focus is very fast and accurate. From 28mm to 112mm, the focus is almost instantaneous. The AF Target Box is very easy to change size. This is very important to me as I change it to suite the light and movement.

Just click the control wheel up…then use the jog wheel to adjust size. Can’t get easier or better than this.


The finder works very well and I tested it so that I know what it sees. It’s nice and now that I know how it works, I can forget about it. The screen is where it’s at…for any camera. Here’s a very cool thing. Sometimes I shoot chest shots. The camera is on a neck strap and hanging around my neck against my chest. The sensor turns off the screen and saves power because your shooting without the screen anyway. This is real nice to save power and also if your in a darker area, no light from the screen.

I go from neck strap to wrist strap in a flash. I use the Le Hook and that’s as fast as it gets.


It’s Sunday morning… 0755 and I need more coffee and I have to mow the lawn. I’ll take the X20 with me cause it’s a great macro shooter also…..

to be continued…….

1st of May Walkabout Philly Photo Shoot Day….

…….hold on a minute dude…….. I’ll bring my friends up to par. See, I have a one on one this morning with Randy. Ok….

Randy…..your camera has to be at the ready…… I take Randy’s camera and look at the setup……we are on the magic escalator at the FTC…..the light there waits Click! for no one…..



….Randy ask me how I saw and made that photo in just a second or two. Randy, that’s why we are here together so you can forget everything and start using what you learned.

I have to admit, the X20 was ready because I know where I’m at and what I can find there. He thought that the X20 was really a cool fast camera. It is and so is the GRD4, the Pen3, the 5D11 and the Canon G9. It’s about setup Randy….all the people reading this know that and never have an issue getting that decisive second.




So Randy has a real nice Nex 6. Nice camera. I tell him to learn to use the screen…..I mean he’s looking at the finder all the time. USE THE SCREEN Randy! See that guy right above these words….yeah, that’s him….I saw at the moment before exposure,a photo. Now I won’t use it for myself but workshop time is here and I will use it for that.

Randy saw the import into Lightroom and the magic of the preset… click and that’s what is up above. So I answered all the questions Randy thru at me and I helped with the setup and he is happy. I asked about breakfast and he said it was on him…..05-13-0018

We ate at my unfavorite grease pit and all was fine for a 1st of May Day Walkabout Philly Photo Shoot.

Ya know, sometimes I make regular street photos also….like the guy above……he doesn’t make photos…he makes a photo….See the arm action and the posture…tell tale sign of a photo.

More sane craziness later………

Rainy Day Bluez…….and the Fuji X20 is My Friend……….

No! I’m not starting to do color for myself. I am in the process of making Color Presets that make an image feel the way I want it to make me feel. That’s not an easy task because I’m really not a color shooter.



The content and intent must be supportive to color and visa verse. So I just shoot what I always shoot and let the color pixels fall where they may. I don’t think I’d want to be a generic anything at anytime. So I make things the way I live them.


Take the photo right above…..yeah, that one. See, I was just doing my thing looking for whatever I look for. Then without thinking too much, I raise the camera and breathe and then Click! I was thinking that I liked what was going on. The girl seemed so caught up in her femininity and that of the heads.  I didn’t think about color or black & white until I got the images into Light Room.

Then of course I realized that I am in the process of designing color presets. So, heck….let’s try it. By Jove, I think he’s got it!


It should be noted that the camera in my hand was the Fuji X20.  At no time did it speak to me or cause any intrusion. I don’t treat my camera as a tool. I treat is as my companion on my photographic journey.

More tomorrow…..Good Nite Wouter…..Good Nite Jorge……….