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Saturday Morning Dreams



The question has been put forth to me many times as to why I make photos like this. My answer is because I can. If anyone, yeah even you looked thru my archive, you’d see that this is not a new venture for me. I used Infrared film in my M’s for years. I got these really cool tones and contrast things happening. I did everything photographically for about 3 years with this film. Then one day I said to myself….Self, we have to wait for LightRoom to be invented so we can make what we see and feel. That was 37 years ago but worth the wait.


04-13-0428The Grim Reaper…..?

The cool thing about photography is that each shooter has the capability to realize his/her own vision. Sometimes it takes guts to stand on your own feet and pursue your inner vision. Just do it!




I gotta tell ya….when I look at my images, sometimes I get totally blown away. I mean, it’s a humbling experience. I see these photos and think, these images give birth to me over and over. They recognize me and they form my identity and give reason for the day.

I’m not the guy that stands and says, I made these photos, look at them, look at me.

Nah, I am aware that they made and continue to make me. Without them, I cease to exist.






I know I probably sounds a little crazy but I just hope that you get the same satisfaction from your work as I do. If you are near the threshold of your creativity and you have a camera in your hand…maybe we’ll meet on the other side.


Hold on now…….I mean about shooting….not about dying,,,,that we all do by ourselves……

Have a productive weekend even if ya do nuttin…….