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Personal Work For Many Is Still Personal.



Personal work for me is just that, NOT! Really, on Flickr the last few days a few of my photos went to Explore and kinda viral. The one above and the one below. I love the photos, that’s why I made them. That’s why I will continue making them. What I didn’t know it that YOU like them too.



This comes at a very special time for me. We are a few days away from launching the Inspired Eye Magazine and Website that includes a FORUM. The energy it took and will continue to take is a heavy load. Just as I was almost depleted, remember I’m chasing 64 in a few months, has been replenished above and beyond thanks to my friends and Flickr.




It’s nice to know that my energy has been feeding youse because youse have been feeding me too.

I’ll post links to the Magazine, Forum, Presets shortly. Till then, go in peace but go with a camera in your hand.


It’s What I See When I Feel The Image.

Photography for me has always been a visual escape from literal reality. It’s more then visual but I can only think in visual terms for this post. I’m walking around, camera at the ready and suddenly I start to feel an image. What happens is that the reality in front of me is starting to present a new surreal view of what I see.




Let’s face it. There exist no literal translation of reality in a photograph anyway, so why not find your own vision along the way and just do it.




Inspired Eye Magazine will be published soon. Please like us on theĀ  Street Presets Page on Facebook to make sure you get your notification for your copy. It’s free and a real treat for the eye, heart and mind. Yeah, yeah…that’s the link over there on the right….