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2013-05-16 09.31.385.17.2013Cellograph5.16.2013

The above cellograph is key to me wanting to continue using the iPhone 5 as a real camera making real images. Oh’ sorry….cellographs are photographs that are made with cellphone, ipads etc. Actually iPad photos are probably called iPadographs.

I was goofing with the camera, (from now on, I will refer to the iPhone 5 as a camera as it should be)…and the light just came into the sink. It illuminated with a rainbow kinda color stream that I couldn’t resist. I was already working on presets but hadn’t really had focus until this image poped up.

2013-05-17 09.05.315.17.2013Cellograph5.17.2013

So now, streetshooter is shooting streets and making cellographs….and presets to go for the ride. The camera handles¬†remarkably well. I’m using Pro Camera and it triggers instantly. It also allows press and release triggering. You can split the exposure from the AF and place target points anywhere you want. The iPhone 5 has that beautiful Retina Display and the screen is bigger then any camera screen available.

Perfect for a screen shooter like me.

2013-05-17 09.07.59

I really am starting to find my way with this camera. Why not? I always have my phone with me even if I don’t have a camera….soooo…?

I was saying how the camera responds. The cellograph above is as good as any I get on Market Street with any camera that takes the trip with me. Maybe the IQ isn’t the same but the Intent/Content is not hampered.

2013-05-17 09.10.14

Ya know, I am a streetshooter. I like working with different cameras because I do. I like this camera because it’s the new kid in town. Remember I mentioned the screen….Oh My!

It really is a pleasure out there. Today I have to go to the Jersey Shore and I’ll try the screen at the beach. It should be better then most cameras in my minds thinking.

2013-05-17 09.17.08


2013-05-17 09.54.42

I’ll post and keep the journal going on my findings. I encourage youse to post comments and I’ll make sure that you get in the main post. There’s lots to do with this camera and ya know….if ya get tired….put some music on, read an email, got to a forum…..it’s all there and as good as that may be…it’s a scary thing for an ole’ streetshooter.

till next time……..

2013-05-17 09.05.37

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