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2013-05-21 09.56.59

The important thing with any camera is that it not intrude on your vision. The camera should be with you but in a quiet way.

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2013-05-21 09.58.54

The iPhone 5 has done exactly that. It has just been here in my hand and not created any intrusion at all…well, except when it rings. My subject matter hasn’t really changed nor has my approach. My stance has adjusted to the phone. There’s definitely a sense of intimacy that crawls up your back working with a phone.

2013-05-21 10.03.53

2013-05-21 10.26.01

Here’s a shooters observation and I’m sure a very obvious one but not to me. Most people on the street don’t have a traditional camera with them. So when one pops up, it’s easy to figure out what is going to happen.

2013-05-22 11.14.44

The thing with a phone is that everybody has one and everybody knows you have a camera and everybody else does too. So it’s not easy to be discreet. It’s not easy to be relaxed and just in the zone of awareness. You can get there but there’s an edge that comes along for the ride.

2013-05-22 12.33.23

So I ask myself a question and have not found the complete answer. If the phone is very much like a camera and it has the inhibitions surrounding it like any other camera, why then not just use a camera? Well, the phone is a camera. It’s a great device and it’s light, compact, fast, unobtrusive and the list goes on…..

I will continue the quest for a complete answer tomorrow, well maybe this evening as the phone is always on me……

later my friends……..don

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