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There’s a very interesting observation I’m checking out. If your out with your camera, your focused on making photos. I mean, the camera has your attention and your looking to find elements to make your next photo.

With the phone, it’s not always that way. Maybe the phone rings. Maybe your checking email, websites, forums, shopping, texting etc…there are many things at your disposal that can steer attention away from photography. This is because the cellphone is a multi purpose device. So, you may be working the street or anything and if the phone rings….that’s the end. Unless you turn off sounds and vibrate like I do. I’m sure there’s other ways to do this but I don’t know them. What I do know is that the phone can be a major intrusion.

2013-05-26 16.54.58

Maybe I’m too serious with the cellphone. Maybe I should just see it as others do. The mother above. I wonder if she’s being serious. I wonder if she’s taking a photo of her daughter or is she making a photo as a lasting memory of a moment in time that she and her daughter will share for the rest of their lives.

Obviously she’s a talented street shooter and has taken my workshop because she has the right stance as a tourist and has the smile to break down negative energy on the spot. She is creating the perfect illusion and everyone around her including me knows she’s just a mother taking a snap. Of course we know different. We know she’s working for the NY Times and is a very talented photojournalist.

2013-05-26 14.47.55

After walking 1000 miles in the mall with Tanya and watching the master shooter take snaps, I got tired. I wanted to sit on one of those massage chairs. For a buck ya get 4 minutes of mechanical hands massaging your back and legs. Ya can drink coffee as you get the royal treatment. We walked over and I have about 5 bucks ready. Tanya walked into Boscov’s to shop, well window shop. Of course that means around 2 hours.

I watched these 2 kids as their eyes rolled back in their heads as they got the massage. Then they put more money in…..and then more money…..and then more……I made this photo so I could remember what it’s like to be distracted by the iPhone for 2 hours as Tanya goes into Boscov’s too shop and buy nothing and I want a massage too but the kids won’t get out of the dang chairs……

I figured that on Memorial Day…I got what I deserved. I got the understanding again of why we do the things we do. I understand that as good as the iPhone is as a camera, it’s a great device to forget about making photos and seeing what is happening on the other side of the lens.

Sometimes we need that….just to see the other side…..

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  1. Interesting. While I have an iPhone, I never really use it in my street work. Matter of fact, I seem to only use it in the rare moments when I think I might want to create something artsy-fartsy by taking an iPhone shot and running through a bunch of apps. Otherwise, I stick to my small compacts while on the street. I see your tastes run Fiji, Olympus… while mine run Ricoh, Leica. Most of my street shooting is in NYC but I do get into Philly on occasion (my daughter and son-in-law live in South Philly not too far from the Italian market). Maybe we’ll run into each other some day.

    1. Ed, I am more a Ricoh guy then anything else. I actually love the camera I keep and don’t care who made them.
      If your in Philly, we could meet for a few shots…… whatever that may mean….don

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