Covid 19 … The Beauty of … Shiyoko the Therapist

…. Andre’ look, cameras are like people. Between you and I, our cameras are People Cameras, you know that better than all.  How ya think Penelope the Ricoh GRD4 feels when you ignore her? I now all you guys are black and she’s white and BCM … Black Cameras Matter and so do WCM … White Cameras Matter. You know Andre’ I don’t have any Camera Racial prejudices. So, when I write about things with the camera family, you need to make sure all the family understand it’s a blog post. Might be how I feel but it’s an expression of life as we live it.

Ok ya’ll, my cameras are kinda in a frenzy because some thing are changing in me and my needs are changing also. My physical therapist at the VA, Shiyoko, is also a spiritualist. My Parkinson’s tremors are worsening and not easy to do things like I used to.  Doc told me to come to Shiyoko again for sessions. Geeze Doc, do I have to, c’mon. he said your going and that’s that Alrighty  Doc, how many times should I go? He said as many as it takes to feel better. I asked like 400xs a week is that cool? Doc smiles.

So, back to the sauna with hot water, jets and Shiyoko. She ask me where the worst part of the tremors effect me and I said my hands and fingers. I explained that if I pickup a cup of coffee, it shakes and spills all over. She starts massaging my hands and fingers. ( at 71 years old, sometimes this is best as it gets )… So she is asking me about my cameras and how I do with them. I mentioned that some are a problem and I leave them on the shelf. Andre’ the Leica M9 is a great camera and trusted friend but he’s heavy and I can’t steady him so well anymore. ahhh she says, tell me more. If you keep massaging I will tell you all things of my life. She laff’d, continue sir.

I told her the tale of the Fuji X100 series. I had every version of this camera and then the X100V came and I loved it. I noticed camera shake and put it back on the shelf. I can’t use the camera again. I mentioned the Ricoh GRIII and how it has stabilization, small and very nice to handle. Yes, yes sir but what is the factor that allows you to use this camera so enjoyably. I replied, basically it’s the stabilization. Do you have other cameras with this stabilization thing? Yes I said, my Sony A7C is amazing. She moves to my other side and takes my arm and starts massaging it. Then I said, I really miss my Fuji X100V and can’t really use it. Too make body tremors.

Shiyoko asked if I trust her. I said I was Airborne Infantry and would jump from the plane without a chute if she said she would catch me. She laff’d a lot. Then she said, I would like you to use that camera only for a while. No other camera and the reason is, you shall never surrender to this illness. You told me that your cameras are a integral part of your work. That you have a synergism with them and that’s what you believe you do.

Yes Shiyoko, that’s what I live with my photography. She said no. You fail your art and your self. If you really have a synergism with your photography and cameras, then the meeting of the mind allows each part to anticipate and draw from the heart. She takes both my hands in hers and looks in my eyes. That camera will give you things you think you don’t want but the beauty of the shared moment will eventually take hold. You may not surrender. You must gaze upon your life and make your photos with the openness of new vision. Regardless of what they look like, they will feel as yours.

When can you come back for another session? We need to test your body tremors next. I am not busy because of Covid Restrictions so anytime at all, leave me a message and we continue. Only that camera for a while, promise me. Yes I agreed.

Dang, I guess I have to go back…. she is a great therapist and a a good massage as well. I am invigorated to try the X100V again. It is what it is…..

seeyas soon, be blessed



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