COVID-19 … The Re-Birth of the Fuji X100V

This story is not for the faint of heart. Please heed this warning.

It was a day of camera infamy. I was ut making photos with my dearest friend, Andre’ the Leica M9. He was hanging around my neck. My Doctors at the VA told me to be careful not to gain too much weight. So, it seemed to me that Andre’ the Leica M9 put weight on. He seemed heavy on me.  I know he has a LIGHT appetite but nonetheless seemed heavy. So, I took him off the neck and put him in my right hand and wrapped the strap around my wrist. We moved on our way and continues looking for the lost photos we set out to find.

It’s usually an enjoyable experience that I have had over 50 years with a Leica. Cameras know when you are at a point of detachment and the time together is coming to an end. Andre’ the Leica M9 is no exception and we worked perhaps for the last time on the streets together.

I feared not having him with me but something happened that I can’t explain.  I was loving the Fuji X100V but the release was always erratic for me. I decided tho sell it on eBay a few months ago. I used the term IT because IT let me down many times and I can’t bond to IT. COVID19 has taught me a few things and one it to slow down and think things out. I waited for the right moment to list the FujiX100V. The time came and I set up to make photos to make an ad.


Then the Angel that works for Mother Light, shined her light into me head. She said to me, shooter, it’s very dark and empty in your head. I shine my light in there and only a few things reflect back to me.  I smiled at the Angel and told her, if you were naked, many things would be in my poor head. She didn’t laff and said one more smart ass remark and you’ll be eating out of Barsik the Cat’s food bowl. So, the Angel told me to try the X100V again before making any decisions. She looked around to make sure no one was with us. I wondered, what’s she thinking? Then the Angel that works for mother light took my right hand and kissed it. I felt a tingle, well all over ya know. 70yo and a young Angel kiss my hand…. She said The X100V needs to be named Andre’. Get it!  Then she turned to fly out the window to home with Mother Light. She said, Shooter, I will always be with you in your head causee ain’t much else in there. Your a sexi old shooter.  Well, I mean, I kinda felt some kinda special and decided to just sit for a moment. Smiles all over my body. Parts that I can’t write about. They be really smiling and stuff.

So as the Angel Child of Mother Light told me, I picked up the Fuji X100V. I touched it all over, nit shape, sweet buttons, and a feel of feminity. What! Wait, I named this camera after m,y friend Walt. How can this be? Then I closed my eyes, my fingers felt every mm of the Fuji X100V.

I thought about the feminity of the camera and I was perplexed. Then, … then my finger touched the release. I was ready for the worst experience in human recorded history, the continuing failure of the FujiX100V./I pressed it down. A single shot. My heart was racing, blood flowing to the very tip of my finger. I could feel it pulsing and I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I prayed for the Angel Child of Mother Light to help me. I was in a stat between keep and sell. Then I got an incoming message and it said, ” Shooter, use the force Shooter”. If you name a camera wrong,  it will never work properly.

She was in my head and heart at this very instant and I asked….Angel Child…. what is thy name?  She said, I am the Angel Child of Mother Light and for you, my name is Sara.

So I figured that my Fuji X100V is named Sara. Sara the Angel Child of Mother Light did magic on my Fuji X100v. Now, it works perfectly and the only explanation is that Sara, did magic to my camera, my eye, and my heart.

Still ain’t a whole lot going on in my head but I plan on exploring it all the time and posting my results.  So the continuing saga of shooter the Philly photographer and Sara the Fuji X100V continues.


9 thoughts on “COVID-19 … The Re-Birth of the Fuji X100V”

  1. Thank you for your service! VA do told me the same, but it because Agent Orange, recent three stents ischemic heart, and last year blocked femoral artery right leg that still swollen. Added 20 lbs all freaking water and until body decides it’s not under attack going stay that way. Anyway I give my cameras names also, use Leica X1,2, X2, XE, 2 Ricohs GRD4 4,gr2 thinking of tl2, at 73 I just tell wife bucket list and she shakes her head. As long as omm of finance knows ahead of time she cool, lately been hung up Ricoh high contrast black white. Hope you are well and stay Covid free.

    1. ….John, none of us got out of Nam free and clear… we all have battle scars of one kind or another. I don’t have any answers anymore. I just try to find a little peace before I die. I get that at times with my photography and I relish those moments. That’s why I name my cameras. To be with a friend on the street and share the life experience. Anyway, check out the Ricoh GRIII. Finest camera going. For me, the best feature is the Image Stabilization.
      Go easy and stay focused. Be Free of COVID my friend…..

  2. I was warned off gr3, by pro photog Sardinia and Scotland and peeps like us in France and Reunion island. It got too hot to handle. They sent em back, got em back same problem. They bought more GR11, so that’s why I look at tl2 and HASSEY X1d. Would really like gr3 street edition, supposedly same size my GRD4. These two GR have basically replaced my X ‘s. Anyway sorry trespass on your time for second time in a cool,

    1. John, your not trespassing, you’re a friend. Ya know, I bought the GRIII on release I’ve used it a lot and it’s my centering camera. I never experienced any kind of heat up at all. Perhaps your people with the camera have some settings that cause that I also still have Penelope the Ricoh GRD4 and she’s wonderful Nice grit and halation. I would take it all with a grain of salt. Get one and you’ll know in a few days and if it bothers you, return it.
      I don’t think it will. Be Blessed

      1. My GR III has been with me since March of 2019, and the only heat buildup I’ve ever experienced was during menu digging setting things up to my liking. Once the camera starts acting like an extension of your hand, there’s very little need to spend ages in the menus.

        1. Agreed, I never felt any abnormal heat from the Ricoh GRIII. I hate startup times so I leave all my cameras with the longest shutoff time as possible.

  3. Well instead of tl2 went Leica Q. That macro unreal, seems like can’t get away from 28! Been north camp today having new storm door put on, got caught in heavy rain, makes me think I need Q2 or Q2 m that’s 28 all weather sealed. Or since prices gone down their Sl. Be safe all!

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