December 20th, 2013 ….. The Dreamcatcher is Back in My Head

12-13-0327It seems that this series has been going on in my head and in photos for as long as I can remember. It’s not just about the visual but about the thoughts that go with the visual.

When I get into this Dreamcatcher Mode of operation, I start to think my photos. Sometimes I think my photos are thinking me. The connection I get of course is the camera in my hand. The device, the machine, the friend that takes me to and fro from image to image is the Dreamcatcher.



12-13-0291I get this groove going and just flow along and try to find the light in the subject that interest me enough to try to make another….?  I had a different upbringing then the Zen Masters or even disciples. Of course, I am assuming this and it is not a fact because everyone lives their own destiny.

I am really into the here and now, especially in photography. Well, I’m no mystic, no Zen Master, no professor of anything I know about or don’t know about. The here and now came to me at a very early age. There was a kid in my neighborhood and I was crazy for his sister. I mean she was all that I could dream of at this young age. So I tried to talk to her at one point and her brother didn’t feel the same way about things as I did. One day on the way home from school, he stopped me and said he was going to beat the crap out of me HERE and right NOW! He did. I learned that brothers protect their sisters at all cost and that one can learn about the here and now in many different ways.

Years later after we both got past the protect sister episode, I saw him as I was making photos on the street. I made a quick snap of him and when I processed the film, I had an idea for the print. I made an 11 x 14 and when it dried, I took it to the bathroom and lit it on fire….then I peed on it and felt that I was now able to talk to a guys sister again.

12-13-0315Shooter, what the heck does that story have to do with making photos? Well, it has to do with energy and feelings. See, when your out there seeking the image, seeking the light, seeking the magic, seeking the elusive dream, all that you are, all that you ever will be is in the release of the shutter. When the time comes for each of us to lay on the marble slab…..when it’s the time for all realization of your life is on the line, your laying naked in front of what you believe to be the creator  of the world you live in……

In life, I may have gotten my butt kicked but I learned about the Here and Now…..

Oh, LORD….sorry about burning and peeing on Whitey’s photo….I never claimed to be close to perfect…..



Listen, I write what I feel and I feel what I write. For that I make no excuses and neither should you. Make your photos the way you  feel and see and don’t worry about the outcome. Your intent, like it or not will come thru in your photos and that will reflect your  eye, heart and mind.

This or any post I make is not to be an excuse to your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend and certainly not husbands and wives to get a new camera, lens, light meter, software etc… that in your own here and now….I have my own problems……..




7 thoughts on “December 20th, 2013 ….. The Dreamcatcher is Back in My Head”

  1. What memories you have. I remember when I thought I was the protector of my sister. What silly boys we were. Photography truly is about the here and now, but someday maybe it will turn out to be about the back then.

    1. Dan, thanks. I gotta stay in the here and now. Back then I got my butt kicked and actually, if I even think about Whitey’s sister, Tanya will remind me what a butt kicking is… the here and now….
      I gotta take the XP1 out and stay outta trouble.
      Merry XMAS and Happy New Years…..

  2. Don, this is very close to poetry. You have hit a point where text, pictures and the told story are inextricably linked together. If you take away one piece it wouldn’t work any more.

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