December 29th, 2013 ….. The Waterproof Fuji Saves The Day

12-13-0547Man, it’s raining cats and dogs here in Philly. I don’t mean cats like my buddy Barsik, I mean cats like my ex drummer, ex bassman that kinda cats….huh….hold on…..yeah, ok….I’m told by the left side of me poor brain that I spelled cats wrong….it’s supposed to be Kats or Katz…sumptin like a dat…..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ anywayz……..

I went out with Tanya to go return some stuff. It was and still is rainin’  like….uh…uh… crazy.  So I was thinking about making photos, of course I’m always thinking about that and I said to myself…. self, the Fuji XE1 is not gonna be a happy camper in this weather….hmmmm…..I thought, what about the Fuji XP1, I mean it’s a real PRO camera that does everything including have a meltdown in the rain……

what to do, oh my….what to do.  See, the Yellow Mother invented a law that the gov’t of all nations far and wide base their law and financial matters on….. It’s called the Inverse Square Law.  That law means less is more and more is less. For us, the original followers of this fine law, it means…the larger the hole, the smaller the number….hold on….check this out….it also means the smaller the hole, the larger the number.

So as shooters, we know that the more you spend on a camera, the less risky use you’ll do with it and then…the less you pay for a camera, the riskier you can get.

For the gov’t, all gov’t…this means that the more people you have the less they get to eat and have less money because they have to share it amongst themselves…..well…the less in Congress etc, the less people there, the more food and money there because they get to steal it from the masses of people that trust them with their lives…….this ain’t no lesson on astrophysicaldynamicalpoliticalmathematicalbeanimpotantpersonandstealbecauseyoucanandhaveajunkysexlifesoallhastopay conversation…..

So, anyway….Tanya and I ventured out in the pouring rain and the Fuji’s didn’t…..HOLD ON A MINUTE! Enter the Fuji-film XP-50. It’s a very small point n’ shoot. It has basic settings but….it thrives in the rain, snow, dust, dirt, heat, cold and even in a politicianspocket…THE HORROR!

This camera is very nice to deal with. If you want to adjust all the settings and everything….take yer XP1 out in the rain. If your just interested in making photos in adverse conditions……The XP-50 is a great choice…. I got this on eBay for cheap….

When we got home because we didn’t go anywheres but the rain because our shoes and boots leaked and out feets gotz wet so we had to come home….

I put the file in LR5 and of course it was in color because it only does jpeggies and I leave it in color so I get the best file to work with…..

The camera is a gas and I like being able to work in bad weather etc….

More tomorrow when I get back from the streets of Philly….. By the way….if you get out a little…if you see my brain someplace…tell it that vacation is over…..

3 thoughts on “December 29th, 2013 ….. The Waterproof Fuji Saves The Day”

  1. Ah well. If there’s on thing that really gets me steaming Don, it’s the lack of adequate sealing on so-called ‘flagship’ cameras like my NEX-7 and X-Pro1. I’ve taken my trusty old Nikon F3 thru hell and back more than once and after 25 years didn’t have a single speck of dust in the viewfinder. Three weeks with the Sony and voila – a HUGE speck in the EVF module, grrrr…
    I wouldn’t even think about taking it out in any harsh weather.
    Glad you like your XP-50, often times a small compact is all it needs to chase your Self … ask my X10 🙂

    1. Kay,
      Thanks for the note. Ahhh yes…the F3. I don’t think there ever was a camera as dependable as the Nikon F series. Mind you, I was not a Nikon guy but I learned that when I needed an SLR, the F was it.
      As far as the new cameras, remember that they all depend on a battery for life and then the sensor to record and the EVF to see. Well, truth be told, I’m pretty much committed to the X PRO1….and XE1. In fact I am going to start a users un-review of the X-Pro1 tonight or tomorrow. I just want to explain what it means to a real shooter and not some paid for review or techie that analyzes everything but how the camera really works.

      Have a great, safe New Years…….stay in touch….don

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