December 7th, 2018 … The Day Of Infamy … and the … I’m Sick and Can’t Get Out Post

… coughing … sneezing … I have been sick since before Thanksgiving. The worst part is not being able to hit the streets. My cameras are pissed and I dare not go near the cabinet. Nah, that’s not the worst part…. hold on a sec…. looks around, hmmm the coast is clear. The worst part is being under Tanya’s rule and medical supervision. Oh yeah, my Russian home remedies doctor. I will admit freely … as she stands over my back … that the remedies actually work. So, I make a tent with a towel and cover my head and on the table, she puts a bowl of cut onions. I get close and breathe in and out, the best way to breathe, and the vapor goes where it’s needed and it’s done for 10 minutes. That’s step 1, oh yeah more coming. So the towel tent also lets her put potatoes in a bowl. She takes 2 potatoes… 1 potato, 2 potato and boils then for 20 min. Then she cuts into pieces and puts them in a bowl and I breathe them in for the 10 minutes.

She’s in the kitchen so I can unveil another Russian Medical Secret. If the politicians find out about this, I’ll be charged with Russian Collusion for Potato and Onion conspiracy. Stinky stuff huh. Anyway … a well-guarded secret is the coveted, Black Radish and Honey procedure. She hand picks a Black Radish at the International grocery store. Not very scientific but I want her to feel special as a Russian Home Remedy Doctor. So I watch in awe like I’m captivated by her skills at the selection. Once we get home, she cuts the black radish into pieces. Like 6 parts. They go into a small bowl and then she pours some honey over the pieces. Then covers the bowl with Russian American approved cellophane. In a few hours, she will take a tsp and put the residue from the honey radish that collects at the bottom of the bowl.

I take the tsp of honey radish and swallow it. Ok, Black Radish and Honey concoction are ready for more processing by the American sick photographer, publisher husband. That brings us to the multi-international but mainly Russian American banana stops the coughing  and eases the mucus special medicine. This is a well guarded, highly sought after remedy. From what I could uncover, it’s cooked banana and some sugar. There’s something else in it and I believe it’s lemon. It is lemon I watched her make it secretly. Anyway, this cooks down and the banana you take 2 tablespoons and swallow. It’s warm but not hot.

This immediately soothes the throat but only the throat. See, as a professional Russian American Home Remedy Doctor, she targets specific sections of the sickness That’s why there are so many remedies. They all work and work well but for specific areas. So for about 2 weeks, I’m under Tanya’s care and it’s nice but as for photography, not so good. This gives me lots of thinking time. So me poor mind is working on some issues and a few I never wanted to address……..

I have been using Leica’s for over 45 years. Anyway, now I use the M240. Great camera and love what it does and more importantly, what it does to me and how it works with me. The problem is, it’s heavy. Oh yeah, I’m not in great shape anymore and I tried many straps and configurations. I have been using the ACAM 25 and it’s a quickly reconfigure strap. Great, actually the very best. Goes from neck to shoulder to cross chest in a second. Cross-chest is best for weight but now, at this point, even that doesn’t work. I get pains in my neck, shoulder, and upper back. So, I need to think about the Leica in a different light. Obviously, that means a wrist strap. Ok, so I have many and many nice ones. I put Andre’ the Leica M240 on a wrist strap… no what? Huh, open for ideas. A shoulder bag is off the list. I have too many and can’t use them anymore. So the obvious alternative is a waist pack. I have the Camslinger Streetomatic bag. It’s great, does more than I need.

So, I am undecided about Andre’ the Leica M240. My instincts tell me to sell him to someone that can use and enjoy him. Our daze together is coming to an end and we both know it. The thing about having more than one camera is, you feel compelled to use them, What the hell, ya got em, use em. My thing is I get into phases where I want to have maybe 2 cameras with me.m No, switching lenses is not the same. I can’t keep this going but I hate to sell off my friends. So I switch around and beings that any camera I have is a trusted friend and we work well together, of course except Andre’ the Leica M240…..bummer

I can’t get out to shoot so I re-photographed from my collection.  Anyways, the remedies really work, don’t lose them, trust me. I think all these are from the Ricoh Gr or GRII. To be honest, I can’t wait for the Ricoh GRIII. Have a blessed weekend my friends. Seeya as soon as I can escape my mad Russian American Home Remedy Doctor.

Please remember that today, December 7th is the Day Of Infamy. Pray for all of us that we never experience another one.

…………………………………..end transmission………………………………………


10 thoughts on “December 7th, 2018 … The Day Of Infamy … and the … I’m Sick and Can’t Get Out Post”

  1. Sounds as if you might live thro this medication!
    Know well about the weight issue – I went to a Panasonic GM1 and love it.
    Could update to a Panasonic GX800.
    You could photo things inside your apartment – as you walk thro it its like a miniature street.
    Hope you are seriously better soon.

    1. John, the weight is the issue. I have an Olympus Pen-F and no weight issues at all. Love it. The other cameras are all light to medium except the Fuji X-Pro2. That camera will not leave me until the X-Pro3 comes out. So, it’s the Leica that really weighs me down, bummer. Nice cameras those Panny’s, perfect.
      enjoy, don

      1. Hi Don, keep taking the prescribed Russian medicine … will cleanse the mind and eye.
        I have been wrestling with the neck,shoulder weight thing for a few years now. I need a viewfinder ( I think… I keep trying cameras that don’t have them. I sold all of my gear and now use a Fujifilm X-e2 with 23mm F2. Even that is stating to weigh me down!. I aint into changing lenses either. I sometimes use my Huawei p20pro smartphone because it is there at the time.
        Are smartphones becoming a viable alternative despite the image quality issues and also losing the viewfinder?………. perhaps i need to adapt!!.

        Get well soon. Cheers Ian.

        1. Ian, thanks. Maybe you could try the Olympus Pen-F. Great camera and not bad on a strap. Of course most cameras are better on a wrist strap but there’s something about around the neck that is very liberating. For a small, light, fast camera the Sony RX100V can’s be beat. That soy is a do all and a life saver at times. The Ricoh GRII is amazing and I wait for the GRIII. Have a blessed Holiday, cheers…..don

  2. I’m gonna try that onion tent. I usually just use plain steam. The GRlll is on my list, as the GRll is my go to camera these days. Fits in my pocket. Love the TAv setting.

    Feel better Don!

    1. Thanks Keith.
      Do the potato thing also. Works well… just keep an hour between each remedy. Boil 2 potatoes 20 min, cut into 1/4’s, place in bowl, make tent and breathe in and out thru nose, mouth etc for 10 min.
      Keep me posted please….. get well… Happy Hanukkah….don

  3. Hope you’re feeling better by now Don. Must be a real bummer for you not to be able to get out and shoot. Thanks for sharing the home remedies.

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