February 18th, 2014 ….. Fuji XP1 & 15mm Heliar Misadventures on the Street

02-14-0437I’m guilty and I admit it. First let me explain.Please, let’s just keep this between you and me. See, it’s a law that shooters use their cameras to make WORK, right? Of course. I’m one of the biggest supporters of the “We are not playing with our gear and we are making work with our photography so don’t say it’s playing movement.” Well, I’m coming out of the closet….NO, not that one..the closet where having fun with your XP1 is. See, here in Philly, it’s against the law to have fun with your camera. Nah…you can have fun with all the other cameras in the world from this planet or any other…well except…Venus. I hear from a distant cousin that Fuji doesn’t have a dealer on Venus yet. So with any camera out there, you can have fun and PLAY with it. The FUJI XP1 is a real camera for real men and real woman. We doin’ need no playin’ ’round with out XP1’s We are too busy making great photos with it.

02-14-0441Well, what happened is that I got caught by the international do not have fun with your XP1 club and just told them I can’t abide by their rules no more. You know Roger? Yeah, yeah…the gut from the post right before this one. Well, Roger would send me anything I need or want, no questions asked. Of course, what Roger giveth, Roger will taketh away. So the point is that I have or could have access to any camera out there. I’ve used many Leica’s and the M4 is by far the best camera for me. See, there’s no stupid light meter to contradict what I say the light reading is. It ain’t got no Auto ISO or anything. Great camera, wonderful friend. So what I’m saying is that no camera YET has given me the experience to the Leica M4….and then…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02-14-0446The experience of using my M4’s has been updated to the XP1. Yeah, I know…this is a stretch. It’s not really because….my mind has certain wants and needs from the camera. The XP1 gives my mind the juices similar but not exactly like the Leica. I don’t expect anyone to understand this but I tell ya, it’s a darn pretty picture. If you think of your camera as a tool, you will never understand this and really, the XP1. It is most definitely not a tool. It is a camera that given the chance will become your friend.

Check out Thomas Menk¬†because he’s a real FUJI guy, I’m just a user. He has all kinds of stuff on his site. I don’t know exactly what he named his camera but looking at his work, it’s obvious he has a good friend and not s tool.

02-14-0429So, this is the first camera in probably 25 years that hets my juices flowing so easy and so solid. I’ve had many other cameras but they just didn’t float my boat.

I got more stuff tomorrow as I’m on the streets dodging slippery ice patches and kids throwing snowballs at me, all kinds of mean nasty ugly stuff to turn into with my XP1.

seeya then……………………………………

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