February 19th, 2014 ….. Fuji XP1 Takes A Day Off … Fuji XE1 Call To Duty

So I was laying in bed waiting for Tanya to call me down for my morning cup of Kona Coffee. I’m not getting into this but KONA is the FUJI of coffee…nuff said! I could hear a whining sound….like…WHAAAAA! Well, it wasn’t Tanya, nah she would just downright get in my face….nope not her. I figured it wasn’t Barsik the Russian American cat and I figured it was coming from the back bedroom that now is converted to my photography work area because I’m not allowed by the Russian Czar wife to call it an office because I don’t work anymore cause the Gov’t says I can’t.

The sound was definitely coming from the back office area. (Tanya is downstairs so between you and I, it’s the office, shhhhhh). It was not a high shriek but more of a soft moan. Ya know that sound ya heard when ya was making that first real kiss and that’s the one that gets you thinking like an adult from then on out….yup…that’s kinda like the sound. Ok, youse all know I name my cameras. My XP1 is named after Andre’ Kertesz and my XE1 is named after Ding McNulty, curator of Prints and Pictures at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Well, as I entered the back room that’s an office but I ain’t allowed to call it that because the well…da wifey don’t like it….I could hear this moan coming from one of my camera bags. Yeah, no kidding…..I thought to my self….self, what the heck is going on here? Well, Andre’ said to me in a very soft accent, I’m tired and I want the day off. Ding and I had a talk and you have been ignoring him and we are not amused…at all. So Andre’ continued and said, you will take Ding today and he wants the Fuji 27mm that’s confused because it’s a 27mm but acts like a 40.5mm lens. Furthermore, I will get a much needed day off and sleep inside the Billingham clasped shut so I won’t be disturbed.

02-14-0499So Ding and I set sail to Center City. The XE1 is like a really compact camera especially mated with the 27mm. From my memory banks, I compare it to the Pen 3 and 20mm over there at MU-34.com It slips in and out of my pocket very easy and the thing is…..I love the EVF finder in it. I know, I know….but I can’t resist, I just surrender to the cameras elegance.

02-14-0518What happens is that I have the camera on a nice leather neck strap that is very soft and supple. I wrap it around my wrist and just walk around. Then, I raise the camera to my eye and frame and shoot. It amazes me that as a screen shooter, I love the finder on the XE1. The XP1 is a different story and is on vacation. The XE1 with the 27mm will allow the shooter to work in the open without being intruding and or nervous. The cool thing that most shooters hate is: the aperture ring is lost and not on the lens. I think Fuji forgot to install it and then an engineer figured, lets just let the shooters change f/stops with the rear buttons. Now, I gotta say, that is a great asset to the outfit.

The Fuji guys are really smart. Dig this….if your using the 27mm it thinks and acts as a 40.5mm which is an ideal street lens. Well they knew that your on the street and they made the lens small and put real fast and accurate AF in it. They also knew that at the 40.5mm FOV, you most likely won’t be using Hyper Focal distance or any real zone focus stuff.

So, when you use this lens, you are really set free to just work on the street and other places and not be too concerned about looking like a PRO or something. I like looking like an amateur out there and working above a PRO level which is what I do.


02-14-0533See that boid up there far right corner. The XE1 saw it and nailed it….I love this shot, it’s about Fuji and it’s about the street.

02-14-0492Ya know, I made this shot because I enjoyed doing it. It’s really low light and the finder worked better than anyone elses. I hear all kinds of negative things about refresh rate etc….gimme a break..go refresh your …uh….well….just do it. The XE1 just is a pleasure to carry around and beings a screen shooter, the finder is wonderful.

02-14-0556I think I need to take Ding out again tomorrow. Andre’ needs the break and I just want to see 40mm for a spell.

Till then…..go in Peace but go with a Fuji X in your hand……………………………………………

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