February 6th, 2014 ….. My Fuji XP1, Named Andre’ Loves The 18mm

02-14-0131There comes a time where your inner vision tries to meet with your outer vision. Of course at that time when all things just seem to make sense and just work together. Well, let me tell you something! At that time, what you don’t need is your camera to have a sense of humor, good or bad. This is why I talk about intrusions and the need to avoid them. The wrong camera at the time of the The Coming of  The Joining and your not going to be happy.

Think of it like this……. it’s summer time, all over the world, even in The Land of Oz. Your sipping you favorite beverage. Your wife, girl friend, partner whatever just wants you to be happy. “Sure my love, buy as many new cameras as you like. I think it’s a great idea.” See, in reality, at least the one I’m in…this is a dream come true. Your laying back just so relaxed, that maybe this is even better than Heaven, well…at least here on the earth. Then as you dreaming about the new FUJI XP5 that has a four speed and makes coffee….all the sudden…there’s a BUZZ around your head. It won’t stop…that nasty mosquito just wants to intrude on the dream and it does. You no longer relax, you wife, spouse, mate, partner etc is yelling at you again because on you computer screen is the new camera you want….

See, that’s an intrusion. When you have the joining of inner vision and outer vision and your camera is a mosquito…….well….eBay has moved more of my cameras until….the XP1. See, The XP1 doesn’t have a sense of humor. It doesn’t force you to work in any way, shape or form. It never imposes itself upon your vision. What it does do and very efficiently is….work with you and your vision to make the photos that your inner and outer vision finds. The camera as a friend just helps you along without intrusion of any kind.



02-14-0137What I find interesting is that on the street, I am completely comfortable with the camera. I never have to look at it while working. I can change f/stops…shutter speeds without thinking. I just just do it. My XP1 is named Andre’ after Kertesz. Now I feel bad about doing all the work and getting the photos so Andre’ and I had a meeting of the minds. Your camera does have a name and mind, doesn’t it?

Andre’ was getting kinda bored with how easy things were going so we agreed that he could do the metering and even adjust ISO. If Andre’ was any other camera, we’d have to renegotiate is part of the deal. Luckily, Andre’ is an XP1 so I trust him completely. I hear tell from the camera shelf…well the XE1 named Ding that the cameras may not trust me as much as I trust them. (here’s a tip….if you ever have a problem with any of your cameras and if they get cocky…just don’t charge the batteries.) That’ll learn em’.


02-14-0150The 18mm gets a bad rap from the pixel peepers. They, every one that exist now or that will ever be borne, says it’s not sharp enuff….whaaaahhhh shut up! For me and every street shooter that is here now or ever will be…it’s the ideal FOV. That’s Field of View. All these shots were from the 18mm. See, all over the world, every house, apartment whatever…all those hundreds of shooters…they all say the 18mm is a 27mm lens. Even Mother Fujifilm says it’s a 27mm lens.

Ahhha…here in North East Philadelphia, here on Montour Street in North East Philadelphia, in the back room known as the office….the 18mm is a 28mm. So U have adapted to the 28mm thru the years and got some great photos from great and not so great cameras. Now, I have it all. I really feel that my cameras have learned how to work with me and not be a mosquito.


02-14-0161Maybe you think I’m crazy and your probably right. I know a few things at this old age time of my life. I know that it takes passion with a sense of humor to survive. Just because someone is living, that doesn’t mean they thrive and survive. It doesn’t mean that they are enjoying life or a part of it. If your a photographer, I hope you get the personal fulfillment from the journey as I do.

If you think I’m selling Fuji Cameras, your wrong. I do believe Fuji should sponsor me because I have passion for photography and my cameras. I live photography and I grok most of it. I’ll tell ya this….I am satisfied and excited every time I go to the streets.

I hope you feel the same way.

02-14-0135Seeya’s tomorrow………. end transmission………………………………………………………………………………………….


12 thoughts on “February 6th, 2014 ….. My Fuji XP1, Named Andre’ Loves The 18mm”

  1. Don, When I had the X100 it fit like you are describing. In Costa Rica that year I shot 95% of my photos with that camera with no regrets, even though I had two other mirrorless cameras with me at the time. All of them sold since then. I have yet to try the Df as a street camera since I don’t get to the big city very often.

    1. Dan, The X100 was a great camera. Unfortunately, I was Admin at Serious Compacts and had many, many members find the SAB and dust issues. I’ve long since sold it but it was a great camera.
      As far as the DF, it can do anything for sure. That 105 f/2.5 was my favorite lens from Nikon and then the 200 f/4 not far behind.
      I have my Fuji’s working fine.

    1. Thanks for the reply, nice post and great camera. I miss mine till I pick up the X100s and then I can’t remember what color that was…..

      1. I sent link to 4 pictures, but system was reject.
        One of this: rangefinderforum.com/rffgallery/showphoto.php?photoid=234918

  2. But generally, I think that Fuji is excellent work for digital photography. Today I hope Fuji can create next version X-pro which will be next OVF with/on digital generation.

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