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Goodbye Fuji X30 … Hello Walker The … Sony RX100 3

12-14-0086-EditWell, I shot my Grand Niece’s sweet 16 party. I decided that I would take the camera that does family and events better than my other cameras because it has a zoomie lens thing on it. We it does zoomie nice and it gives the illusion that every-things gonna be ok. Well, the Fuji X30 has a sense of humor and displayed it to me at the most appropriate time. See, i really needed these photos to be special because it’s my family. So I get to the party with My daughter and her hubby, nice guy for a hubby. I’m sitting down and decide to put the Fuji EF-X20 Flash on the camera because this is a flash event. See, here’s the thing. I have many flash units that would work, like Mets and other good units. I want to use the little Fuji because it’s dedicated and small. Really vey cool.

10-14-0171-EditWell, I’m a clicking away, clicking a here and a there and starting to get in the groove and then, than on a single press of the shutter as my beautiful daughter is standing in front of me but at a distance and I want to make this portrait of her cause it’s gonna be nice… I press….and the camera says, .. uh uh, I don’t think so shooter. Well, see, I get a little upset when my cameras don’t work with me and intrude on what I’m doing especially since it’s my daughter I’m making the photo of. This is why I name cameras. So at this point, we can talk about why the camera is not cooperating. It becomes more personal and comfortable for each of us.

I was able to secure 166 photos of which 1 used 140. So far so good. Uh uh, I don’t think so. See, when I used the flash, sometimes it worked so well I could smile.

Then the dew do started. The camera would not lock focus and would not release. White AF box…hmmmm! My Doc at the VA gives me meds so I don’t over react. They work fine but this time, no way.

So im breathing now and figured out that the camera was not at fault. THE FLASH! See the flash is good to about 15′. As long as your in the range it’s a great setup. But see it’s the nature of the beast to use a tele at longer distances.well, the UN NAMED FUJI EF-X20 will not let the camera fire regardless of what I want to do.

12-14-0086-EditSee, I have this problem with a single word in the English language. Trust me, no matter what language is native to you, this single word is in there.

OBEY! I just can’t and I won’t obey especially a camera or flash. Well, the flash told the camera that … we ain’t making no photos over 15′ and that shooter guy.. he will OBEY.

Yes, I did OBEY  because I had to. It’s like when da wifey says, take the garbage out. I just OBEY, I don’t like it but I don’t want her to do it so I OBEY. With da wifey, it’s actually ok to OBEY because we have no choice. If we did have a choice, we wouldn’t have a wifey.

So when I got home and did Lightroom I realized that I was very upset. I did many, many pro shoots of events all over and never once had a problem.



So I thought about things and decided to let the X30 sit for a while until I come to grips with the anger I was experiencing. A few weeks went by and I realized that our time together was over. I hadn’t touched it and didn’t miss it. What a bad feeling, I gotta tell ya. To love a camera and then have it just go sour, well.. not a pretty picture. I know it wasn’t the camera totally and it’s completely my fault. I admit that I hadn’t used the flash the way it was designed. In that range, it’s amazing on the camera. Small very efficient and the battery life was great. 2 small AAA batteries and your good. Lovely.


Well, I realize the the old adage my Uncle Birney told was true. “Poison Your Mind”. That means that for example, people shove crap into you and when you try to do something, your mind in poisoned because there’s crap blocking free thought.

Well, low and behold, sure enough….when I looked at the Fuji X30, I got a feeling of failure and discomfort. It’s a bad feeling and I’m upset about it but at any rate, I sold the camera. I have the flash but will sell it also, in time.

So that’s the legacy of the Fuji X30 and you should notice that I did not call it by name. That alone is a big statement.

I have used the Sony RX100 1 for a while and forgot about it. A deal came to me by way of B&H and I have the Sony RX100 3 and I gotta tell ya….

no, no, no….. ya gotta come back to here the adventures of Walker the Sony RX100 3……………………………………….shooter out…..!

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Fuji X30 … Hello Walker The … Sony RX100 3

    • Keith, The X30 is a great camera. It has a very nice UI and the IQ is very goos. Simple camera for your wife and you’ll enjoy it to. It’s my fault because I didn’t pay attention to the flash settings.
      That being said, the RX1003 is a gas and fits in my pocket and that;s what I need at the moment to go along with Andre’ the Fuji X100s.

    • awww Tim my friend. Penelope gets her time making photos. I usually don’t post to many but she’s out there a lot. I’ll be taking her with Walker a lot… thanks Tim. I miss the forum and all the great members there. Tell Pavel, I’ll be back.

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