The Inspired Eye … Issue 16 Is Released


Well, another magnificent issue of The Inspired Eye Magazine is published. I gotta tell ya, it’s a long journey for Olivier and I to get these issues out but, no ones done it yet so we do. Lota of great interviews to enlighten your hearts and minds. Photos galore, articles and well just a total inspiring experience,

Here’s the link to get your copy:

Enjoy and be blessed…. don

12 thoughts on “The Inspired Eye … Issue 16 Is Released”

    1. Robb, thanks my friend. Keep sending photos in and we’ll keep putting them in, We serve the community.

      1. I shall. I’m working on a couple using the Daywalker presets. Great package of looks you guys came up with, sometimes better than the VSCO ones 😉

    1. Thanks and we appreciate your interest and support.
      Olivier and don.. whoa, just partners… na…na… we just work together…

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