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January 1st, 2017 … Dazed and Confused … Camera-a-Phobia


Back in early September I started thinking about how I would work the Fall and Winter thru next Spring. I guess I’m kinda nutty going thru these motions but I always did and will do. The issue mainly is the I have some cameras that I really care about. I name them so that should speak somewhat. Unfortunately from my Leica Daze, I still am natural with the 35mm FOV. Not having any other lenses with me is an asset because it limits some variables of finding photos. So Andre’ the Fuji X100T is like the perfect camera for me. He’s responsive like an M camera but the added advantage of AF and I need that due to essential tremors.


Enter the camera gremlin. It’s been proved that once the gremlin gets a hold of you, it’s over. Never have to many cameras but worse, never have enough either.   Enter Serendipity the Olympus Pen F. See, she’s a fine lady that surprised even me and many others. Problem: She gives the so called advantage of different focal lengths. Just what I need, right….NO! Anyway thanks to Ray Sachs a while ago, I now love the 12mm on her. He had the 12mm on his unnamed camera and I looked thru it and that was it. I also love the 20mm or the 14mm and even th 25mm. Not an easy camera to handle.


Then of course there is Mom the Ricoh GRII. In all honesty, there exist no finer camera for the street then the GRII. I do call her the Camera Killer. Once you take it out for a spin, she won’t let you go easy.

Did I mention a camera bag. I have more them my wife has pocket books. The main one for out there is the Cosyspeed Streetomatic. I’m not trying to sell anything, recommend anything, just laying out the variables in my quest to get out the door and work. This is a hip bag and I can get Serenity with the 12mm in and Andre’ in the other pocket. I added a velcro flap and the lets me put the Oly 25mm under it and the Serendipity slips in nice. I now have 3 lenses and for events, perfect. For my regular life, too much but I feel guilty not taking the kids out so I do at the expense of my comfort.

So it’s confusing but I wouldn’t have it any other way. By having variables to tackle, one gets to focus more clearly. It’s that inverse square law again. I’ts the first day of 2017 and I feel good already. I hope you all find focus in your efforts and continue to grow as humans and shooters. I try hard to follow that but I figure, if youse all are doing that, I can slack off and just relax.

Happy New Years to All and Be blessed on Your Journey.

…..end transmission……………………….

7 thoughts on “January 1st, 2017 … Dazed and Confused … Camera-a-Phobia

  1. I have more camera bags then socks, underwear, etc.. It’s essential! Funny, my three favorite cameras are the same as yours, though the GR gets her ya yas out more often. She really sets me free. Been thinking of the Leica lately, I might dust her off and get natural again.

    Cheers to a healthy, prosperous, hopeful 2017.

    • Yes, cameras, well mine have names for a reason. The GRII is the camera killer and I struggle not to use it.
      Have a blessed journey Keith Goldstein…..

  2. I totally agree with the GR/GRII. Looking at the EXIF in Lightroom, I see that it is the camera I made around 15% of my pictures with over the last ten years, when I first encounter it (well her!) three years ago. It allows to take to most spontaneous and intimate shots. I keep buying it, and get rid of it for a fuller system to not be limited (like X-Pro2 and primes), but it always misses at a point. I actually regret my GR as I feel the GRII is overly sharp, even in RAWs – though I understand they are supposed to be the same sensor and lens. I don’t now what it is about. But, yes, the Ricoh GRII is on my purchase list again, and this time I might pause and stick with it instead of spinning wheels to find the so-called perfect camera. Thanks Don for your post. Reminds me of Philly where I came at least once a month from Delaware (Dull-aware actually) for the last eight years, before moving to Los Angeles.

    • Ya know, I kinda find that sometimes it get’s routine to use a camera. By the way, I have never found that with a GR. Anyway, for me, it keeps me energized to have a few cameras to work with. I like to have cameras that work differently. Like Andre the Fuji X100T, great camera but I rarely use it as a screen camera. Th GRII or GRD4, only as a screen camera. These small differences will totally change the perspective in the mind. So, there’s nothing wrong with having and loving more then 1 camera.
      Don’t spin the wheels because you get no where’s and in the end, get where you are anyway. Thanks and have a great year my friend.

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