January 28th, 2014 ….. The Ricoh GRD4 … Perfect Off Street Camera

01-14-0525I know, I started a good thing yesterday about Street Shooting. Ya see, at my age which is now, they tell me 64…that’s the temperature in Fahrenheit that I like to be in. Well, someone thought to play a trick and try to tell me that I’m now 12 Years Old because it’s 12F outside.

See, a smart street shooter knows how to adapt to adversity and overcome and conquer. Beings that I’m kinda Smaart (Fredo from the Godfather)…..I found a way to control the environment. There’s this little box on the wall and it has a wheel thingy on it. If I get cold, I turn this wheel and whalla…I getz warm again.

Well, I turned the wheel and it got to 20F real fast and that’s nice. Why can’t they figure out how to install a wheel on the streets? So, vision is a product of seeing and adapting to your environment. The well tuned shooter can find photos under any circumstance and that should most definitely include Off Street.

01-14-0529I find the Ricoh GRD4 the perfect camera for anything but especially for off street, in da house stuff. It’s a very disarming camera. I need that with Mrs Shooter. See, there are Rules Of Engagement for the Shooter household.

1. Thou shalt not make photos of me in any circumstance unless so prompted by me and the results are subject to inspection and approval by me and me alone. (Obviously this is Mrs Shooters Rules)

2. You will adhere to the above stated rule to maintain harmony and peace in the Shooter household. You will not explain your findings on that 1st Amendment thing about Free Press , Free Speech etc etc as I am Russian and that does not apply to me.

Well, I’m a rebel and so as not to antagonize the powers that be, I us my special skills I learned in the army. I conquer and overcome but in a manner of little risk and chance of getting caught. I leave no trace materials of films, papers etc. I leave no trace of links to postings, Flickr etc.

This may seem very trite to you but I assure you, it’s all about being a healthy, informed Street Shooter. If in fact I am posting tomorrow, I didn’t get busted with this post on the blog etc. If I don’t someone else needs to carry on for the sanity of all street shooters that came before or that are here now or will ever come after.

End transmission……………….shooter out………………………………..

12 thoughts on “January 28th, 2014 ….. The Ricoh GRD4 … Perfect Off Street Camera”

  1. Understood! I have been known to photograph the Mrs. when she is sleeping. A big no no, never to be seen outside the household. 🙂

    1. Dan, ya know…through photographic history, there exist very few photos of the photographers spouse. The one man who turned the tide, in an unmatched way, without hesitating to publish photos of his spouse is non other than the master Harry Callahan.
      For us mortal male shooters, we just think our way into not thinking about spousal images.

    2. Oh yeah…That’s the kiss of death for me. I used to make photos of her sleeping just to see how I could get away with it.

  2. Off street, on street….I find the GR a constant companion. No matter what else I am carrying, I always find a space for this amazing little camera. As for house rules in regards to “shooting” the missus? You’ll always find me in the doghouse, prefaced by “I told you not to do that”. At least with a four year old running around the house, it’s quiet in there.

    1. Keith, I do get the comfortable-ness with the GR. I loved it until I had issues and now another shooter loves it…. I still have a deep relationship with my GRD4 and that’s the Momma of the GR.
      Your stuff is looking real good….

      1. Don, I think I know some of those issues. One issue that keeps getting to me is the color bleeding. Especially colors in the red hues. I don’t have this issue with any other camera. Reminds me of a cheap P&S when that happens.


          1. Ah, dust. So far so good. I had that problem with my original GR and GX100. I loved those cameras and used them to death. I can’t understand why Ricoh can’t seal their cameras well. I hope I don’t run into the dust problem for a long time…….

          2. Ya know, I’ve used my White GRD4 in every kind of environment and still after a few years, no dust. In fact I’m using it only this weekend even down AtlanticCity.

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