January 5th, 2014 ….. Fuji XE1 & XP1 do the Mummers Parade … Part 3

01-14-0025I think I need to explain why I am using the Fuji XP1 and XE1. For me and what I do photographically, it’s like a ZEN experience without being a ZEN experience. What I’m trying to say is that I must feel connected to my subject matter, the light, air camera, breathing etc. I have been known to call this, The Here and Now. So the act of making photos for me is about being fully  aware of time, space and myself.


01-14-0047What the heck are you talking about shooter and how is this relating to Fuji cameras? I’m glad you asked. If I’m working and totally in the here and now of the photographic moment, one thing that could be a big issue is….camera intrusion. That’s a big no no. If you were working and seeing photos and getting ready to raise the camera and make a photo…would you like to be assaulted by the camera making sounds, flashing lights, not focusing, focusing but not fast enough etc? Another major issue that Fuji has dealt with is the UI between cameras. On the XP1 & XE1 the interface is so similar that it’s never an issue going between cameras…..and…..even if your using AF on one and MF legacy lens on the other….no sweat.




01-14-0031It’s early Sunday morning and I have to get going in the physical world. This is the last post for the Mummers stuff and tomorrow I will be back to my normal street stuff….normal, ain’t that a joke…..?

have a great day……later…….

4 thoughts on “January 5th, 2014 ….. Fuji XE1 & XP1 do the Mummers Parade … Part 3”

  1. Would love to go out and do some street shooting myself today but here in Minneapolis it is
    currently minus 20 degrees F. Probably wouldn’t be good for me or the XE2. Take care.

    1. Thanks Dave. Here in Philly I can’t even see the street. I know youse got hit much harder then we did here. For me, it’s LightRoom time……

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