January 7th, 2017 … Burst The Bubble … Ricoh GRII


There exist a comfort zone in life that keeps us nice and safe thinking and feeling like we are all together with ourselves. This zone of living comes from our experiences of life and the thoughts shared with others in their comfort zone. This comfort zone is really the bubble. We all have one and even if you don’t accept the bubble, you still have it and live in it. Ever hear the expression, “don’t burst my bubble”? Well that is proof enough for me. So, how does this apply to photography? Well, just like everything else, we get accustomed and used to and addicted to gear, software, the need for positive reinforcement on our work and much more. So we create the bubble and it surrounds us and maybe it’s to keep us safe or, maybe to keep others out or, maybe it’s an efficient way to gather and keep things organized for ourselves. I bet there are many ways to use the bubble and all have the right to do so as they please.

I think it’s normal to have a bubble. I think it’s healthy to want to protect it and to keep close to it and thrive inside it. So maybe this bubble not only protects us and our thoughts and out life but it also keeps us confined to the inside of it and maybe we need to consciously get outside of it. The thing is, getting out may mean bursting our bubble. THE HORROR! What happens if we burst our bubble and can’t get back in? Well….I think we should all find a way to just install a door or crack or something to get out and allow us to get back in. How this manifest into trouble for shooters and others too but I concentrate on  shooters…..is we love doing our work but it could come to a time that we are getting stagnant. I knew a very famous photographer, he died recently but he would work in spurts and produce a lot of work. Then he would look at everything and try to see how it fit into his body of work. This of course makes sense but I wonder how one burst the bubble to see what’s on the other side. I mean the bubble is a comfort zone and thus we are comfy in there. The idea of someone bursting it is not pretty.

My bubble gets burst all the time and if I don’t do it, my shrink does. I like to do things opposite from what I just wrote. Yeah, I’m serious. See, I take all the stuff out there that creates problems and stick it in the bubble. So if I have a bad day or a good day or do something boring or interesting, I blame myself cause I’m not in the safety net of my bubble.

I think our vision is like a bubble. I mean we get out there and work and we feel safe when we are working on series or a body of work or whatever we do. It’s not being complacent, it’s being comfortable, big difference. Only you know the safety and confines of your bubble. I kinda think that’s a safe bet but many can burst your bubble. So how does that even happen. If we have our safety net in the bubble then how can anyone burst it? Perhaps the fabric of the bubble allows others to see inside and to be able to rattle our cage and burst the bubble.

I know this all sounds tedious and maybe it is but maybe, just maybe it’s a very important life lesson. When you can apply a life lesson to what your doing, that’s a beacon for standing tall on your work and not letting anyone get inside your bubble.


Perhaps the bubble isn’t a bubble at all. Maybe the bubble is just inside our head. Sounds like it could very well be. I mean if we stand on what we believe and what we think about things, we should be able to take criticism and even abuse about ourselves and our work. Perhaps what we do for ourselves gets misguided onto a track of trying to please others. That’s normal and acceptance is much more desirable then rejection.

So, I care what people think about what I do. I am deeply concerned with helping others in any way i can. I love doing my photography and learning how it relates to my life and my essence as a Human Being.      I know one thing after all this tedious stuff. No one is bursting my bubble, well except for Dr G my shrink.

Be blessed…………………………………………………………..

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  1. Ya, I guess we all live in some kind of a bubble – whether we realize it or not. And it’s great when what we do for ourselves meshes with what we do for others – even when we don’t realize it. Take care out there Don!

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