July 4th, 2014 … Fuji X100s … More Thoughts

07-14-0013-EditFirst off, Happy 4th Of July to all those that celebrate it and all those that don’t. It seems that it’s July 4th all over, imagine that. How’d they do that hmmmm?

Well, I did an open call for work to be published on The Inspired Eye Blog and I got a very satisfying response. The first post will go up sometime this weekend.

Of course doing things like this takes away from my work on the streets but I feel doing for others is more important than doing for myself. Hey, not claiming to be an angel, I just want to help get some exposure and positive energy flowing.

07-14-0009-EditYa know… I have a battle going on with the thumb grip. Oh yes, it’s nice but the camera feels more like my friend without it on and when it’s on, it feels more like a tool. So I go back and forth trying to find my way. I guess in time I’ll just not carry the thumb grip in my pouch at all. I started  testing MF and hyper focal distance and it’s a great way to work. Many cameras allow this but with the X100s, it’s no different than any other camera, it just has the distance scale that is setup for the f/stops.

I actually like the AF in this camera because it gives me a fraction of a second think time before exposure. I’m using the OVF so when I raise the camer the AF there’s a slight pause that allows me to double check things.

MF gets me into a zone of being more intuitive. See, in MF the camera is ready at all times with no lag at all. This allows a very fast intuitive response and to release. Wonderful but at my age, I like a slight lag……


07-14-0024-EditThere is a very nice feeling working with the Fuji X100s. Well, Andre’ likes to work and always supports my decisions and I do him. The above shot was made right in front of this guy and he didn’t care what I was doing. It amazed me that I could be standing there right in front of him and he thought I was invisible….NADA…..

After I made the exposure I turned to see what he was looking at and got lost in whatever it was, so much so that he didn’t see the Stealth Streetshooter  in front of him… well….

There, there right in front of us, in plain sight, walking real close to us, was a woman that could be Halle Berry. *Sigh*… Him and I shared a moment, noooo not the camera or photographic byt the Halle Berry got close to us and rattled our cage moment.


07-14-0018-EditWell, I off and running cause Tanya is coming up the stairs and I have to delete the Halle Berry photos plastered all over the desktops on my computers…..

Have a safe and happy 4th of July and I’ll seeyas shortly

10 thoughts on “July 4th, 2014 … Fuji X100s … More Thoughts”

  1. Yeah – I’m struggling with the thumb grip too. It makes handling the camera in one hand much easier, but it pokes me in the forehead every time I make a portrait shot (there’s a sharp edge near the hotshoe on my Lensmate thumbgrip). On the other hand, I LOVE my Leicatime grip case! With the back flap closed, most folks would have no idea this is a digital camera. Plus it helps me resist the temptation to chimp!!

    1. Yup, the grip issues. Luigi makes the best things for cameras, doesn’t he? I have many straps of all different types from him…… wonderful stuff.
      Treve, believe it or not, it’s the 4th of July all over the world, sooo happy July 4th my friend…. don

      1. Cheers Don – you too! Couldn’t believe my luck when I found a used Luigi case online – who would do such a thing?! Their loss is most definitely my gain! Unexpectedly off to a mini music festival this sunny summer evening in the UK – hope to get some good pics 😉

        1. Treve, I won’t post here how many things I have from Luigi. I’ll say just 1 thing about him. I bought a 2 braid strap and had it for a few years, then I lost it by accident. I wrote to Luigi because he was only making 3 braid at the time. 2 weeks later I got in the mail a 2 braid and he sent it to me for free…
          Real nice….

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