June 17th, 2014 … Fuji X100s … Free Your Vision and Thoughts

06-14-0097-EditTo start with, my Fuji X100s finally has a name. I had no choice but to name him Andre’. I know, I know.. but Kertesz is probably the single most important photographer in the history of the medium and I decided, that’s the name. I’ve always had a camera named Andre’ so the tradition continues.

Now Andre’ told me that he thinks I’m having an Inverse Square Law issue and he was upset. So, being open minded, I asked him what he meant. Andre’ said, ” listen kid, it’s nice to shoot a lot of pictures but you get very little satisfaction from the work.” Hmmm I thought to myself… I wonder if Andre’ knows something  that I know but he remembers what I thought I know but maybe I forgot…..hmmmm. So, I asked Andre’ what I should do?  Andre’ said…”I shouldn’t tell you this but your a good kid but who likes kids? Your are going to spend time on the street and shoot less and you will see kiddo that your satisfaction will rise and you’ll be happy.”

06-14-0123-EditWell this idea I teach at my workshops and sessions and stuff. I mean sometimes you have to relearn what you all ready know. The thing that gets me is, how the heck does Andre’ know this stuff? I’ll have to ask my shrink, he’s more inside my head than I am..lol.

So Andre’ and I came to a compromise. We decided that we would only make around a dozen (12) exposures on a shoot. That way I would be guilty of not getting the shot and not Andre’.


There’s something to be said about the Inverse Square Law. The way I’m doing it, is the way I need to do it. See, the idea is not to find what to shoot…no..no..no but to be aware of what not to shoot. Not shooting is a very difficult task because it’s easier to just shoot away. If your paying attention to what your not shooting, then you’ll see more of what you should be shooting.

06-14-0129-EditI’ve been shooting this way for decades actually but I want Andre’ to think he’s teaching the kid something new. I can say  this because he doesn’t read my blog but he loves Flickr. Go figure.

My hit rate with the X100s, Andre,  is substantially stronger and higher than any camera I have ever used including more than a dozen Leicas. Why, simple. Because the camera just does what it’s supposed to do and does not create an intrusion of any sort at any time. That’s easier said than done.

06-14-0141-EditIt’s not just what the camera sees or how it works, it’s how the FujiX100s FREES my vision. See, there are many great cameras out there, we all know that but we each need to find the camera that frees up our thoughts and vision and allows us to achieve the potential we strive for in our work. The idea of a synergism between shooter and camera seems strange to many. In fact my Shrink thinks I’m crazy, imagine that. Why would he think that I mean after all I talk to my camera..sooo.

I explained this to my Shrink…Doc.. it’s ok to talk to yourself, it’s even ok to answer yourself… as long as you know who’s talking and answering, no problem, when you think someone else is answering… he cut me off abruptly and said.. Mr Springer, that’s why your here. hmmmmm?


There’s a lot to talk about with this camera and I will no doubt be doing so for a while.

06-14-0131-EditUntil tomorrow, have a safe journey and may you all be BLESSED……………………..end transmission………………………………………..


17 thoughts on “June 17th, 2014 … Fuji X100s … Free Your Vision and Thoughts”

  1. Don, I so much agree with this observation that we keep relearning what we already know. It is the story of my life. I also think that talking to/with yourself is not only permissible but right useful. Sometimes that is the only person who will listen. Go figure.

    1. Dan, thanks..it’s nice to know I’m not the only nut around. lol … My issue is when I talk to myself, I don’t listen and don’t even like who I’m talking to…. seeya Monday…

  2. I use a cousin, xe1. Have it since quite recently, less than half a year. I like it a lot, although it pisses me off a little. But x100s, it has a wheel to control stuff, doesn’t it? How do you find it? I’m asking because I have a small fuji compact with a wheel (xf900, and and a secret story behind it, hehe) and the wheel is over sensitive for my taste, pissing me off. But it zooms ohh so much! So im wandering how does a wheel in x100 works?

    1. Jacek, thanks for stopping by. The X100s has no issues with any interface or buttons, wheels etc. It just works better than it needs to.

  3. The photographs are outstanding. Excellent tonal quality. Reminds me of Tri-X rated at 800 processed in Rodinal.
    Just curious to know what software and border you use. I like the full frame affect.

    1. Thanks Joe. Your feeling what I’m feeling. That’s how I processed my film most times and even the ASA is right. I used LR and Nik Silver Effex.
      Thanks again, don

  4. I have a rule I always look for the smartest person in the room and talk to them. Strangely I usually have to talk to myself lol Ithink this camera will be my next thanks for the great pjotos toop

  5. Don, I’m a long time reader but a first time talker.

    I understand 100% where you are coming from. I know your background from using Leica’s eons ago to your struggle with any weight around your neck of late and health. Hell I ain’t no Nam vet or anything close to that but health has taken a bad turn on me from my early 30’s onward into my 50th year with arthritic spinal problems plus yada, yada far too boring stuff to mention here. What I’m saying is I *KNOW* 100% where you are coming from in what camera you HAVE to use for your health.

    Hey, I love my Leica’s too. Had most of em’ up to the M9 but know the M4 is the holy grail end of. I still own an M6 TTL which is awesome and for me the best bang for buck film camera ever! Just like you the Ricoh’s … oh yeah baby the Ricoh’s! I’ve had & loved the GX200, GRD II, GRD III, GRD IV, GR Digital (2 of them!) … oh yeah baby just love them Ricoh’s! And like you I know the GRD IV was the best they made so I just bought another new one while I still can.

    Tried the Sony NEX-7, Fuji X-Pro1, X-T1 just went too … nothing wrong with it, a stunning camera just didn’t need it! Tried the X100 limited edition, then a black X100s and sold the lot. I just could not get the perfect match camera for *ME*.

    Then …. Then …. watched a vid about using the X100s using zone focus only in manual mode and it clicked …. ding dong it clicked! So just bought a used, mint black X100s and also the 50mm tele convertor and boy oh boy I am now in 7th heaven as I have found the perfect match not only for camera but also for body as it is so light around my neck. Bump the ISO up to 800 – MF pre focus to 2M, select f/8 or f/11 and instant shutter release on every damn shot!

    I feel a bit guilty as the M6 is now gathering dust. But hey who cares, the grin across my face is priceless! So yeah, the X100 ….. 3rd time around …. finally makes sense and works perfectly for ME.

    All the best Don, you are an inspiration – Charles.

    1. Charles,
      Thanks for posting and please continue to do so. We share many ot the same camera experience as noted. The important thing is to find your way home. Apparently, we both share that too with the X100s. I’m not going to say how much I adore this camera, or how perfect it is or even how well it performs. I’m not one to suggest a camera like the X100s to anyone who reads this blog and I would never ever say it’s the best camera I ever used and can’t see any reason not to feel this way in the long haul.

      No Charles, I’m just not that guy but then again, you get it completely anyway……
      thanks again my friend….. don

  6. Hi Don:

    Nice shots…
    I do love my Leica, XPro-1, XT-1…but I realy have dificulty leaving home without one of 100 / 100S….Yes it’s just like you forgot to put your pants on…unconfortable, cold…
    With the 100 “you always get the shot…” they give me the files the way I like (I do no pretend to be THE BEST files or highest MTFs or D/O top ratings…I just like them…and that’s how we all get pleasure from our hobby or profession isn’t it?
    PS: I won’t tell anybody you still ocasionaly carry one of the heavuweights to have a pretext for your japanese massage…!

    1. Ya know, that’s a good thing you mention. Files. Excellent. I really like how they allow me to work them even to extremes but yes, the X100s is a great companion.
      The Shioko sage, will continue in a day or soooooo

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