June 19th, 2014 … Fuji X100s is a Streetshooter’s Dream

06-14-0157-EditSometimes there comes a moment when I just FEEL an energy trying to grab me. This energy is very delicate and if I try to do anything but make a photo, it just vanishes like a leaf in the wind. At this point, I need my camera to do what is demanded buy this energy and just capture the image. I’m glad I’m using the X100s because it can capture a leaf flying in the wind.


For me there exist no Decisive Moment. There never was, it’a the decisive fraction of a heartbeat. It’s when you know your alive and that your photos need to be borne by you. These photos are fractions of a second at times but have the beat of your heart and the knowledge of your mind and the vision of your eye. This is your intent and your intent is brought to life by the photos you give birth too. Your mate must be your camera because neither of you can do it by yourself.

06-14-0148-EditSometimes we seek interaction from others to validate out time on the earth. The photographer validates his time on the earth by the photos he makes. Photographers record what the planet looked like during their visit. We are all tourist thru life, no one gets a permanent Visa.

06-14-0158-EditThe beauty of making photos is the beauty of making photos.


06-14-0145-EditThe X100s is an amazing camera and I am coming to terms with myself working with it….Peace……..

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  1. “Is that a Leica?” I’ve been asked that a few times when I’m out shooting. I also get comments from people who think I’m using a film camera. Those other guys can carry around their heavy DSLRs with their zoom lenses. I’m thrilled to be walking around with my X100.

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