Just a few from the Ricoh GR and me……

08-13-0568Allrighty…it’s the duty of every street shooter to look at the boundaries set and then find a way to uh,,,ya know move them a little. Well, far be it form me to want to do anything different…..

So I got the GR in my hand,,,,rephrase needed…I got Tanya in my hand. She’s back to being called Tanya because I am keeping her and not getting a digital divorce. For youse that think I’m crazy….I name ll my cameras and the GR is Tanya.

Any wayz….I’m walking and I see this guy talking to himself, leaning against a wall. My Doctor tells me that it’s OK to talk with yourself….it’s even ok to answer yourself…as long as you know it’s you doing the talking and answering…..if you think it’s someone else in the conversation….see my Doctor right away….they have a special place for you and it’s very comfortable…..

So I can tell this guy sees the same Doc as me cause he’s having a nice conversation and I understand hime so that means he’s got a few marbles rolling around….don’t we all…..?

Tanya sends me a message to the palm of my hand…time to make a photo….so I get positioned when I need to be and I bend down. I act as if I’m tying my shoe and then CLICK!

The guy sayz to me….”What are you doing”? I replied, I’m tying my shoe….he smiles and says…but you don’t have any shoe laces on…..

I stood up and as I walked away I said…that’s a problem ain’t it……Not for me he said…….

08-13-0581The Transportation Terminal is a special place. There, people are in a state of transition in more ways than one. I shot around 15 frames in a 4 hour period. I felt satisfied that 1 would make the day. As I walked to my bus, I came out of the building and saw this chap just in a deep state of depression. I stood there for a few minutes, camera in hand. People looked at me as if I were nutz…just standing there with a camera in my hand. I felt at home as I love being on the street and love people. Then this guy walked around me on the left….Click………!

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