Just some photos from the day.

It’s Easter Sunday here in Philly. I hear it’s the same all over but I can’t confirm that.  Anyway, I took a Nam Vet friend to the VA Hospital this morning. Last November the Docs cut his legs off just above the knee. So his wheel chair is his only means of transportation outside.

One of us vets takes him when he needs to get there for meetings or treatments. Oh no…don’t get this wrong. See, Joe flirts with woman all the time. Yeah, he don’t care where or who but sometimes the woman’s partner doesn’t appreciate Joe’s humor. So I took him and brought him back to the transportation terminal. He left with his daughter and I was stuck there with just my camera. What to do? Just me and the camera. I wasn’t sure so I figured I’d make a few photos.








There’s others but I like these.

Happy Easter and Passover everyone.