March 14th, 2014 ….. Finding Myself with the Fuji XPRO-1 and the 23mm 1.4

03-14-0286-EditWhat a long strange trip it’s been. That 35mm FOV took hold of me sooo long ago, I can’t remember not seeing that way. Of course I can use any camera and lens combo and find my photos but there’s something about 35mm that locks in my Eye, Heart and Mind. My intent shines clear to these weary old eyes. I am at one with everything and everyplace, even Tanya. Imagine that!

03-14-0287So the neighbor cop gave me the 23mm in trade for peace of mind for him with his wife. She knows I was a contractor for decades and always maintained an artistic esthetic about my work. So she will let him redo the kitchen knowing that I have his back.

I gotta say, the XP1 with the 23mm is ideal for me. There exist in my mind and heart a memory of days gone past of using my beloved M4 and other M’s but the M4 was it. I had many lenses and I used them all for different things but when it came to the street, my work, my very existence, I used the 35mm Cron and had the 35mm Lux incase I needed an extra stop.

I would set hyperfocal or a zone that I wanted and just walk and tune into the sounds and movements of the street. If something called out to me, I raised the camera, looked thru the finder, framed and……Click. Things are now starting to work in a similar way with some updates. The XP1 works in a way that brings me back to the M4. With the 23mm, I am now connecting to my Eye, Heart and Mind to fulfill my Intent. 


03-14-0292A camera needs to allow you to work in a manner that brings the Subject, the Camera, You and the Viewer into the same reality. That reality is the Print or image. One part of the equation that fails and everything tumbles down to failure. It ain’t a pretty picture.


03-14-0284I’m excited. I’m learning to SEE again with my trusty friend, Andre’. Between you and me, I would really like to just use Andre’ and the 23mm for a long, well, maybe even forever. I’ll give it a long run and just try to learn how the camera sees with me looking thru the finder. Isn’t it crazy, a 64 year old shooter re-falling in love with the camera and process all over again. Eh, I don’t care and I’m going to do what must be done. I have to find the photos waiting for me because no one else can find them because they are on their own journey.




16 thoughts on “March 14th, 2014 ….. Finding Myself with the Fuji XPRO-1 and the 23mm 1.4”

  1. I am drawn especially to that second picture, vertical with partial face in the shadows. It implies a mysterious story, and wonder about a life.

    1. Thanks Dan. Actually when I saw that I wasn’t in a legal walking place on the street. All the sudden I saw this guy bob in an out and I almost was choking. Luckily enough Andre’ was ready and made the shot…..

      He thinks your DF is a female cause it’s so sexi……

    2. Thanks Dan. It was made in an area that I wasn’t allowed to be in. I knew if I got in trouble, you’d be there to bail me out……

      at least I told that to Tanya…….

  2. A quickening of the senses and a rekindling, nothing like it. Been playing around doing some test shots with the 18-55 on 23 and it is feeling very fine.

    I agree with Dan about the peak a boo second shot.

    1. Thanks Lynn….Dan is usually spot on. Let’s not tell him that. We don’t need anyone getting to comfortable. That 18-55 is a lens I haven’t used but for learning FOV, nothing better. The 23 is one of the best lenses I’ve ever used, bar none. I gotta hide from Duane cause he’s a Lux kinda guy.

    1. Duane, thanks. Roger keeps pushing me to surrender and use the Leica’s. I mean it’s a great idea but to tell the truth, after decades with the M’s and my successes with sales, the Fuji XP1 offers me new challenges that I actually crave. The 35mm was always there in me poor brain but the parralax is different with every camera. You, of course are fully aware of that. The M of course is the ultimate but the XP1 gives me a reason to try harder.

  3. Don, even better: put the 14mm on the xp1 and the 23 on your new (even if you haven’t gotten it yet) xt1.

    1. Well Gene, there’s definitely a problem with that idea. First off, I use the 15mm Heliar on the XP1 or XE1 because it’s so good and has a real DOF scale. Unfortunately, the XE1 and 15mm Heliar are on their way to Florida to visit with Olivier. He plans on adopting them.

      The real problem is the XT1. Chances are that I will never fall into it because it’s not my cup of tea. Thanks, but I’m in good company with the XP1.

  4. Glad to see you’re enjoying a viewfinder again Don. Like you, I shoot a lot without one, but I love having one available and use it quite a bit too. I still sort of prefer OVFs, but with the quality of the new EVFs in the XT1 and EM1, the difference for what I do is pretty irrelevant. I guess for sports and bird shooters it might still matter, but most of what I encounter isn’t moving all that fast and the view is great…

    1. Ray, I gotta say, the form of the XT1 is not my cup of tea or coffee for that matter. It is smaller that the XP1 but the size is not an issue for me, at least it’s not a deciding factor. I really like to have a left eye clear camera.
      The screen, well that is something isn’t it. I was turned on to the tilting screen years ago by…guess who. If the XP1 had that it would be very nice but my mind in me old age can still work without it.

  5. Hey Don, a couple of great images there. Have to say, I was really arrested by the second one. I was scrolling happily along and “Jesus!” felt weirdly smacked about the chops. It’s real unsettling. David Lynch land. But I think the thing it most made me think of immediately was that film Don’t Look Now with the shattering ending. So, er, thanks for that.
    Some beautiful framing once again in some of these. And please stop tempting me for the 23mm, though that 15mm does sound interesting. And though the X-T1 looks awesome, I too am perfectly happy with my zoney-focus X-Pro1 fun.

    1. Peter, thanks. I know your a real XP1/18mm shooter and you have it nailed better than most. Do not install a 23mm on your camera even for a test run.

      The 15 Heliar I sent to Olivier as it became a major disruption in my work. No, it’s a great lens but for me…..I almost got to the point of no return meaning, I could use that lens only and never miss anything else. It’s an easy lens to sell so you could try it out and if the case requires, sell it off with no issue.


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