March 17th, 2014 ….. Fuji XP1 & 23mm … Moving towards Spring

03-14-0328So the Fuji XP1 henceforth named Andre’ has a sense of humor. See, I’m walking with Andre’ and every once in a while I see something that interest me. Well, at that point I might just stop and get in a position to make a photo but…Andre’ is somehow forcing me to move closer because he knows I have a 35mm FOV on and the the 28mmFOV. Now of course I want the 25mm FOV because it’s, well…it used to be my natural FOV. At any rate I am really re-learning my old way of working so that means I have to learn what I already know.


03-14-0321So, in a way I’m glad it’s still considered Winter. This lets me slow down so I can tune the FOV and my inner vision. Once the Spring sets in I’ll be feeling the inner vision stirring like an egg beater inside my stomach. I won’t have time to test anything and will just work. So it’s the perfect time to switch lenses and get focused.








03-14-0323 03-14-0325 03-14-0333 03-14-0340

8 thoughts on “March 17th, 2014 ….. Fuji XP1 & 23mm … Moving towards Spring”

  1. Love the images of the guy in the hat and the man on the bed.

    A jump on St. Pat’s. I am waiting for my lunch break to head uptown. See what I can see. Frigid as heck outside. Have my friend the GR with me… Enjoy the day Don. Have a Guinness and a green bagel for me.

    1. Thanks Keith. Most of the photos are really test for the OVF and my brain parallax. The camera and lens are fine but my brain is having issues with the lower right corner….I’ll get it.

      Enjoy the shoot…….

    1. Thanks Ray. Actually after we split at the parade, I felt kinda wheezy from the high dose of caffeine. That’s a great shot ya got there. I’m sure all the GR guys are hunting you down…..

      1. I noticed you didn’t have a lot of shots from the day, or at least didn’t post many. Sorry you weren’t feeling great – I stayed out and froze my ass off for a couple of hours anyway. Glad to see you made it out to AC though. I”ve gotta get down there again this summer sometime – one of my favorite places to shoot…

        1. Ray,
          Thanks again. I’m actually heading down there in a few hours to visit with Joe. Actually I’m going to visit his new XT1 and lenses.

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