March 26th, 2014 ….. Andre’ The Fuji XP1 Takes A Break, No-name Fuji X20 Called To Duty

03-14-0507-EditYeah, it’s true, it’s very true. The Fuji still has not found a name. Anyway, the weather is crappy so I left Andre’ the XP1 at home to rest and took my Noname Fuji X20 out to work. See, there comes a time in every cameras life that the call to duty comes and the camera must be prepared to rise to the occasion. Of course this means that your cameras must be selected and training must be finished so that you and your camera can work together to find the images that define you.

The X20 has a few things to pay attention to but the most important thing is the ZOOMIE lens. Now I ain’t a zoomie kinda guy. I’m more monogamous and like just one focal length. What the X20 does for me that’s most important is: it allows me to teach Natural Field Of View to those that take a workshop with me. It’s also about the best macro camera around. It focuses so close and the detail it captures is amazing and most beautiful. I love it for my garden and off-street work.

I was sitting on the Elevated train and decided I would add a shot to the Selfie series. Yeah, that’s me in the reflection….yup the guy with the POW/MIA hat. Imagine that!

03-14-0499This was done for the Dreamcatcher Series but it won’t be used. I don’t like it too much but I have to post it because sometimes I just do things like that. I just love my photos even when I don’t like them.

03-14-0485-EditThere is sometimes a moment that calls to us as a shooter but we are not always there or present. Oh, that has nothing to do with the shot above, I just wanted to state that. Obviously I am working on some presets and this is a sample of one in development. Almost, almost……The FOV issue popped up with the X20. See, I’ve used 28mm as a favorite FOV for years all the time knowing that my natural FOV is 35mm. So the X20 I use at 28mm but I have been using the 23mm, (35mm) FOV with Andre’ the Fuji XP1. I am getting almost comfortable with the 35mm FOV so of course like the idiot that I can be sometimes….I used the X20 at 28mm. I mean why do things the easy way when there are so many hard ways to do something?

But….the lesson learned to me is that I am almost back to my Natural FOV 35mm on the XP1 because if I cropped this image (THE HORROR!)…then I would see that I shot at 28mm but the 35mm FOV is tighter and stronger. Hey, I have faith and I take my own workshops I’ll have you know. I don’t offer myself any discounts either.

03-14-0484-EditAnother pre-preset. I’m working hard on these and when they are released well……something’s gonna happen.

My Fuji XE1, 27mm Voigtlander 15mm Heliar have found a new home in Sunny Florida. Olivier adopted them and that leaves me working with only the Native Fujifilm Lenses. It was a tough decision but the right one. For me, it’s never gonna get better than the Xp1, 18mm, 23mm, 35mm. That’s the trinity. I have never stayed in the world of just Manufacturers products…… NEVER!   First time digitally. It’s a big major step but I just want to work and right now, there’s no better way on the planet.

I’m not actually pushing the XP1 am I….darn right I am. I think for a REAL streetshooter, it’s the best way to go. The XP1 offers things no other camera can offer. Can it be improved upon, not mine. I use it just like it is and can go indefinitely this way. Why do I post this and this way? Well, I know many fine shooters that have the XP1 and they are considering the Dark Side. I won’t name the camera but it’s made by the same guys that made Andre’. The main point is that….GEAR is extremely important but only to the extent that you get comfortable with it and can find your photos out there with it.

03-14-0479So I use the XP1 and Olivier, well….he’s not impressed but he sure loves the camera once named Ding, XE1. Different things for different uh…how’d that go? hmmmm anyway…If ya can’t be with the camera ya love, love the one your with. betcha that could be a good hook in a hit song…………..nah!

shooter out…………………………………

18 thoughts on “March 26th, 2014 ….. Andre’ The Fuji XP1 Takes A Break, No-name Fuji X20 Called To Duty”

    1. Thanks Elliot. I’m glad you found the article entertaining….. More on the way….another day.

    1. Thanks. Color creeps into my vision more with the Fuji’s than any other camera.
      The train selfie……thanks…great way to beat boredom and still cold, windy weather…..

    1. Gene, sure…use the XT1 just to remind yourself how good the work is that comes from the XP1. Seriously, I tried the XT1 but can’t fall in love. I maybe wish I could because it’s an amazing accurate camera.

      That’s one of the pleasures of the XP1, the un-accuracy of the finder that allows life to sneak in the images.

    1. Thanks Keith. Chinatown is an area down here I only work sometimes. It’s always interesting but I always end up eating more than shooting.

      ps… I deleted Disqus so now I hope to be able to post on your comments and blogs again.

      1. Thanks Don. It seemed that something was amiss….

        I love Chinatown here, not only to eat, but it still retains a sense of what New York was before all the recent gentrification. Chinatown still feels somewhat like the NYC of my youth, though that is changing slowly as well.

        1. “of my youth”… That’s the key. Sometimes I find myself searching for memories and other times I realize I’m making new memories. Most times I forget what I’m doing and just make photos.
          I was trying to make a point but I forgot what it was……

  1. I recognize your “afterlife” preset for your Dreamcatcher Series photo, if I’m not mistaken.
    I use that preset sometimes when it works for what I want to express.

  2. If it goes on like this, Don, you might end up with the 18-55mm and … forbid – be happy with it. I use mine pretty much like a quatro-Elmar at 18-23(mostly)-28-55mm and zoom in and out with my arms and feet. No more bl..dy bag schlepping, lens switching, sensor cleaning and on top of all I haven’t had any GAS symptoms for months, couldn’t be happier.

    1. Ken, thanks for stopping by. I’m not against zoomies at all, I just prefer to see single vision. I remember my Leica Tri-Elmar 28,35,50 and I thought it was a great way to work. Of course after a few weeks, I boxed it up and went back to my 35’s.

      Ya know….mostly I take Andre’ the XP1 and his favorite lens the 23mm that acts like a 35mm and an extra battery and I’m good to go. It’s very cool to work anyway with any camera setup and do our best. The issue is of course, if we are not pleased with what we are doing or learning from it….we must know where the fault lay. For me it’s an easy find……

      it’s always me.

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