March 5th, 2014 ….. Enter The Fuji X20 ….. Again!

03-14-0067If you go back to last year on my blog post, you’ll see that I had an X20 and was very excited about it. I do remember developing a set of presets for it but alas…they are in digital oblivion. So I have to start all over again. Anyway, Olivier sent me the X20 because he could and John the DC Shooter sent me a package with goodies to finish the camera off.

So I took the X20 out for a walk and we ran into some photos I missed with my other cameras. I’ll post them on this post but have to improve the IQ to suit my needs.I remember the camera as being a GRIT Machine and that’s ok within reason but it’s important to be able to clean up the files also.

As a street camera the X20 opens up a few possibilities. First off of course is the addition of as Zoomie lens. It covers 28mm – 112mm. The interface is the usual Fuji layout. You don’t have to fight with the X20. It just works with you and supports what you are trying to do with it.

03-14-0077I haven’t names it yet but I’m thinking of Walker again. Of course Walker is after Walker Evans. Dunno, not sure but I am open for suggestions.

How’s this……: You the loyal faithful readers of this blog…if you post a name in the comments and it gets selected, then I’ll name the camera after the name you submitted and send you a real good set of presets. So, get that brain cell working and submit your name for the X20.

That solves that issue. The streets in Philly are cold, windy and in a state of numbness, not because of the weather directly but because of the weather indirectly. It’s taking a toll on me and the other Market Street Dwellers.

03-14-0085It’s not everyday in Philly you see a woman wearing a Leica 240 and a 35mm Cron. She wears it well but her choice of a hat is definitely not Leica. Tsk…Tsk….!

03-14-0086 Inspiration is not where you think it is or even should be. I used to love to teach workshops in the winter and then my DR at the VA said I was maybe crazier then they thought. After a few years, now I see the light and it ain’t the winter light either.

The responsibility of a teacher, mentor or friend to a shooter is to provide stimulation, inspiration, some answers and of course more questions. I now at 64 feel inadequate to fulfill this mission in the winter. It’s not the actual age that hinders me but the knowledge I’ve accumulated in those years. I know that I am more self inspired in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Notice the Winter is excluded…..! I have a hard time even doing my responsibilities at Flickr and forums. I try but I’m more withdrawn and feel that one should be as honest as possible when providing inspiration to another. Oh….sorry…the Fuji X20.

03-14-0092I think Olivier knew I was on a soft slide down. Oh, I do what I need to do for the Magazine but for myself, not much. He sends me the camera to inspire me and of course I’ll have to spend time making Presets and by the time it’s all satisfying…the weather will have changed and I’ll be off and running once again.

03-14-0097Don’t think fer a second that I’m depressed….no way….uh uh…ain’t nuttin like that! I just am tired of the weather dictating how and what I should wear, make photos of, spend my time on the street,etc…..

I’ll be back…….. Don’t forget to drop a name in the comment box and collect your set of presets…..

Peace………….all over ok……….!

38 thoughts on “March 5th, 2014 ….. Enter The Fuji X20 ….. Again!”

    1. Ya know…this is a great name..August is actually one of my favorite shooters and a constant source of inspiration. Besides, it’s also a great Summer Warm Month….your on top so far…..

  1. I’ve just got an X20, a bit late to the party I know, but I’m loving the feel of it. Would love to try the presets. James Craig.

    1. James, I am working on a set of presets for the X20. There’s almost too much noise at 800 so I have to get things clean and then work the noise to make it grit. I’ll get it soon and post on the blog….

  2. Don, maybe you named it already, Zoomie. However, if you want a human name how about
    Ernie. Henri would work also.

  3. Hey its freezing here too in montreal quebec
    How about Charles for Charles Dickens a great storyteller

    1. Yeah, if you would turn off the exhaust fan facing South…it would be appreciated….
      Good name….!

  4. This winter cold can leave anytime. I moved to Nashville from upstate NY to get away from this stuff. It’s just a pain to shoot when it’s so cold. Glove on. Glove off. Hand in pocket. Hand in pocket with camera on wrist. Duck into a store of restaurant to warm off. Not conducive to spontaneous shooting. Winter offers some unique shooting opportunities, but you definitely pay the price to get the pictures.
    Since 1998, and without fail, I have mowed my lawn here in Nashville in the last week of March. That’s the official start of spring for me. I always call my brother back home to make sure he knows. He scoffs and tells me how much snow is on the ground. I’m not sure that I’ll be mowing at the end of the month this year…

    1. Yeah, I get this for sure….The lawnmower…oh yeah….that’s my start too…can’t wait actually…..

  5. Camera names? I’ll throw a couple in the hat.
    1. Negafook…the Inuit god of cold weather. Seriously, look it up:)

    2. Boreas…Greek god of the north wind and cold weather.

    Negafook gets my vote, by a wide margin:) Would make for interesting reading in future blog posts…

    1. I have to tell ya….the names you suggest are really good…but I can’t see myself working the street in July’s beautiful weather and a camera named after winter…..
      Your close…try again….

  6. Hi Don winter is killing me to cold is hard on a old body it’s all most over,,camera name Fu2

    1. Ahhhh Nick, your ahead of me I’m telling ya….Methinks your sipping some good coffee to do that my friend…..

    1. Tommi, truth be told….I am struggling to find a niche for the X20. It does have a strong noise issue and it bothers me at lower iso like 400. Then I read your response and all just fell into place…Grit Machine!…perfect and I think I can now live with it….
      Thanks Bro’.

      1. I´m glad I could be of some help, Don! About the X series – I´m still thinking of getting a used X 100, or, but just maybe, a X 20. Luckily I only think of these things when my picturemaking is slow …

    1. Great names….I can’t actually use a female name as I used Tanya once and the camera, GR, went crazy. Do Vivian is out but Brassai is a very good name.

    2. Dave, I replied to your comment but Disqus didn’t post it. I’ll have Olivier check the plumbing and get back to you….thanks…don

  7. “Eugene”.
    Oh, yes, plenty of noise from that sensor, never use DR expansion (Iso goes up as for the X-E, X-Pro). Stick to A with auto-iso, and choose a lower than desired min shutter speed: camera will use a faster one when it sees movement. It’s a compact, you should allow it to behave as it desires…

    1. Alessandro, thanks. I do Auto ISO set to low speed 1/30 high limit was at 1600 but now lowered to 800 but even that’s iffy. I’ll take it out again today and try DR100 as that should turn DR off.
      Noise is noise until you use it to your advantage and make it grain.
      I’ll make another post today an Zi would appreciate your perspective on the photos as you have much experience with the X20.

  8. Congrats on the X20, Don. In the streets I still get more keepers from my beloved X10 than from the XP1, as long as there’s enough light and I stick with B&W (RAW).
    As for a name … l’d let the camera find its own name. Just ask and follow where it takes you.
    Happy trailing !

    1. Kay, thanks….The camera will name itself in time, I’m sure. To be clear, I love the X20 for it’s Macro capabilities which far exceeds anything the XP1 and XE1 could even think about. I will continue to design the presets that are needed for it and will make them available to those needing them….

      Seeya soon……don

    1. Thanks Keith….are you in slomo mode? I haven’t gotten any updates from you in a spell….

      1. No Don, I have been posting everyday. I seem to be missing posts from other blogs I to subscribe to as well. Thought I was getting the cold shoulder. I can’t figure out what is happening. I’m fading away…..

        1. I think it’s a Disqus thing. I post replies and then it doesn’t show here on the blog. I’ll go resubscribe to your blog so you don’t fade away…..

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