May 23rd, 2014 … The Fuji X-100s

05-14-0334-EditLet’s not get into n uproar ok guys and gals and whatever. See, my Doctor tells me that I did damage to my spinal cord and she thinks I should dump heavy cameras all together. Doc, I said…I’ve been using heavy cameras all my life and never had this much of a problem. So, Doc looked at me and stands there with a slight lean to the left. She takes a deep breath and say’s….Mr Springer, it took you almost 50 years to do this to your body, if you continue…it will never get healed. You absolutely can not put weight on you neck or shoulders ever again. I smiled at her and she made that stern face that means…I am not kidding with you!

Now here’s something to consider and I feel it necessary to stand up and speak my peace.  There is a lot of talk about the VA being short in it’s care for Veterans like my self. I understand that it’s a major concern and it MUST be corrected immediately.

I will tell youse this, at the Philadelphia Veterans Hospital…as far as I can see..and that’s deep…the issues do not exist. The VA has treated me better than anyone in my entire life bar no one.

So, Doc insist that I get a lighter camera and if I need a bag, which of course would be smaller, it should be a waist pack. As per her orders, I followed thru and did as she instructed.

So sadly I packed Andre’, Garry and the lenses sold evetone via eBay. It hurt me to do so but it hurt my neck and back even more.


When the original X100 was announced, I was beside myself with anticipation. When it arrived I was really very excited and used it for 6 months and then had to see it for personal reasons. There were things that weren’t right with the X100 but Fuji tried best to fix these issues and continues to do so long after I no longer had the camera. See, for me the problem is that I like to make photos and not pay much attention to camera development. Ok Shooter….one thing wee don’t need is your long winded explanations about things that don’t matter…ok, ok….geeze…cut to the chase…..

05-14-0353-Edit-EditSo first few days I spend are to explore the limitations imposed by the camera, every camera gets this testing period. The first thing I noticed was the reduced size and weight. A true comparison to the XP1 would be the X100s vrs the XP1 23mm. Well, that’s the end of that…different worlds. The X100s is very close to the X20 and that is nice.

The photos posted are just to see framing, af speed and handling.

05-14-0354-EditThe frame lines are more accurate than any other camera using them. Barr none. I was very surprised and happy about that. I don’t have the patience or gumption to do a full review, I just wanna use it and make photos. AF speed is very good, fast in most light and accurate…feels snappy. These photos are no OOC , they are made using presets and settings I want to test…So don’t think …ohhh dirty, dirty, dirty.

05-14-0359-EditI am happy to report that the 35mm FOV suites me just fine. I am transported back to my youth, roaming the streets, searching for photos on the streets of Philly, NYC & Baltimore  with my trusty M4 35mm Cron. I love not having choices in FOV and prefer the 35mmm because I do. Here’s where the X100 excels over the XP1. Size and weight. Ray Sachs, a good friend thought that maybe I should try to stay with 28mm, like the Nikon Coolpix A and I’ve considered it but I really like the finder in the Z100s.

05-14-0362-EditI’ll do more post shortly and get on track and I than you all, all my friends and faithful readers for hanging around and the comments and notes I received.

Seey’s soon…have a good Memorial Weekend………………..end transmission….shooter out……………….

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  1. I was wondering what was happening with you. Seemed quiet around here. I was going to email you, and behold, there was your post. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the X100s, but I am so a 28mm POV man, it would be hard to get used to.

    Glad you’re ok, tilt and all. Hope you heal fast.

  2. Don, it is so good to hear from you again and to see what changes you are making. This inspires me to get out my X100S and use it more, but as you know I am very busy with my Df project. I have as well some back problems, and if I were in a city where I did more street photography I would probably go the same way as you, but I might give the Nikon 1 a run in that case. Anyway, I look forward to seeing the results of your new plan. I’m sure it will be great. Also I am looking forward to seeing you in June.

      1. Ya that setup only gives updates when I do a blog post, but not when I put up a picture everyday. Don’t know how to fix that. I don’t do so many full blog posts.

  3. Oh dear Don. So sorry to hear that your neck was so sore that you’ve had to dump your dear X-Pro ‘ s. Hope you’ll be on the mend ASAP! How ironic that I’ve only just added an X-Pro to my beloved X100s! The 100 certainly feels tiny in comparison, but produces wonderful results. Time to start pimping it with thumb rests, Luigi grip cases and a 3D printed focus ring! Or is that breaking doctors orders?! PS:looking forward to getting my hands on some of your new x100s presets – if you need a guinea pig…

  4. Sorry to hear about the neck problem, Don. Sounds like you’re getting good care and I’m glad you’re following the MD’s advice.

    Between the x100s and the the GR, you’ll no doubt cover a lot of ground. Maybe the 21mm lens for the GR would be a good idea, along with the add-on vf. I’ve never used either, but I’ve not heard anything bad about them.

    Keep shooting, Shooter!


  5. Sorry to hear about the neck and back problems. It’s too late to suggest this cuz you dumped the gear, but the xp1 on a wrist strap (or even, God forbid the xt1) and another lens and battery (or two) inna fanny pack…….

    1. Gene, thanks. I gotta say, the X100s is a very good partner to work with. I miss the guys but I have to move on. This reminds me of a song that was from the past……

      He ain’t heavy, he’s my camera……..

  6. Oh dear sad to hear about Andre and Gary and your neck. I have considered the X100s, but the wee GR is such a fine camera. At this point I have settled on the 23mm, 35mm and 56mm, the 18-55 is on the shelf as I have not come to terms with a zoom. May sell it and get an 18mm, primes just make more sense to me… but then I remember I have the GR that is an 18.

    Be well and enjoy the Memorial Weekend.

    1. Thanks Lynn…yes, a sad day to sell the guys off. I will miss them dearly but the X100s is a fine replacement and opens doors that I haven’t used in a spell.

    1. Kevin..yes, I am to agree with you very fast. I just can’t put it down….ohhho, it’s my neck,,,can’t put it down…nah just kidding. I’m doing some post shortly that explains how the X100s is soooo good.

  7. Hi Don,

    Just commented today on one of these shots on Flickr that I thought the X100s made sense for you since you like the 35 focal length and you’ve rediscovered the OVF through the X-Pro. You’re not likely to use anthing as fast as f2.0 very often anyway, let alone the f1.4 the 23 with the X-Pro gave you. I’d actually forgotten about your neck difficulties when I wrote that. But even with the X100s, you might want to think about wearing the strap sling style over a shoulder instead of on your neck. With that expandable strap, you can cinch it up tight for walking with absolutely NO stress on your neck, and then quickly let it out enough to shoot from almost any position. I know its not what you’re used to, but I’m no stranger to back problems and we can adapt to things that reduce or eliminate the pain.

    My thought about the 28mm was just about how much I like the images you make with that focal length – not so much the size or weight of the cameras. But since you already have a GRD4 and it’s as small and light as anything, are you gonna keep using it too? Regardless, a couiple of these look really good to me so I know you’ll make great images with 28 or 35…

    Glad to hear the VA in Philly has done right by you. I’ve usuallly heard that they did a good job until this recent wave of bad news, but maybe it varies by location…


    1. Ray, totally agree about the 28mm. It was a difficult choice but the GRD4 does 28mm so well, I knew I had it covered. The X20 is no slouch as a camera. It’s a remarkable camera and I’m so glad I have it….

  8. Hi Shooter, thanks for another round of rambling thoughts, I would not miss one, ever.
    So you are falling in love with the X100S. Well you should, it has so much to give and takes so little from you, certainly no shoulder strain. When I travel and can’t afford to carry some extra stuff, it’s my best friend. And yes, if you force me to sacrifice all other FOVs, 35mm is the one I’d keep, so flexible in the street. 28mm is great but sometimes it’s just ever so slightly too wide. So, having to choose between Ricoh GR and Fuji’s X100S, I had little doubt. Ok, a bit too big to fit in all pockets, but you are known for fitting pockets to your cameras and not the other way round, right?
    Take care (esp for your back!),

    1. G..thanks, much appreciated. Your right about the X100s, it’s a joy to use. I don’t use the hood so it fits in my jeans pocket with a little effort. I showed it to my Doctor today and seh said she won’t send me back to the factory as I may be learning.

      Question….I use the OVF 99% of the time. I’d like a smaller AF box but it won’t stay small…..any ideas?

      1. Don,

        IIRC, the X100 / X100s will let you make the focus box smaller in the EVF, but not the OVF. It would give a false sense of precision given the parallax associated with the OVF.

        1. Ray, you a genius you are. I have to tell the truth. I looked at the EVF and the box was small…beautiful…(enter shooter the fool)…I look at the OVF…hmmm,,OVF hmmmm…well after a million times, you finally posted and got it right…
          Thanks again…I can always depend on you to know the finer details and workings of a camera better than anyone else…

      2. Alas, this is the one thing that most annoys me, too. I can’t figure out if it can be changed. Still, at least it corrects nicely for parallax, so it’s more accurate than you would think. Sorry I can’t help you more!

        1. Yeah…yeah..secrets, I get it. My camera has an appointment at the Shrink on Friday. Swircj=hing back and forth like that is an issue.

          You are most correct. The parallax and framing are so good, it actually amazes me. I tested the X100s against the M240 and it seems that the Fuji has anedge…just in finder accuracy, nothing else….

          1. Yeah, I know, Leica’s framelines are hit and miss. So much for Cartier-Bresson never cropping and being perfect!
            One Q for you: what do you use for your ‘organic’ borders? I’m a fan of black borders too…

          2. Frame lines are very accurate. As for HCB…I have seen cropped photos in the Museum years ago…it doesn’t matter, the final result matters… found vision is always welcomed

  9. Hope the injury heals up Don.
    I’m not liking this ageing thing. Injuries I used to fix with some strapping and pain killers and keep on keeping on…now I get hurt and the Dr goes “Ah, that’s gonna need some surgery”. Dammit!!

    1. Hmmmm, I guess we use the same Doctors. lol. When I studied Martial Arts as a youngster…there was a beautiful young woman that I really like looking at. Well, she threw me around like a sack of potatoes and I got hurt a lot….I didn’t care because she felt like she got control of me and was the victor. yeah…those were the days….Now Tanya wrestles with me in fun and…well she can pin me in 15sec flat..the pain of course nener lessens anymore….and she’s not that cute Chinese girl….sigh…

    1. Dave, I thought about names but still undecided. I may put it to the readers…they did a great job with the X20.

  10. Aw, man! Sorry to hear you had to sell Andre & Garry. But though your back may slow you down your eye certainly hasn’t. It seems you’ve slipped into the X100s very comfortably. I’ve got the X100 myself, and yeah, it certainly is light! I’m looking forward to seeing the world through your 35mm eyes. Now you’ve just got resist the temptation of the lens convertors on offer!

    Or hire a caddy.

    1. Peter, Thank You Kindly. The X100s is the perfect upgrade to the X100. I had that and loved it. The neew version is a dream and so responsive, it’s amazing…Post and photos on the way….

        1. Yup…but I have to admit. I ordered the Silver and then told Oliver about it. Well, I got the black because he said as an old shooter, I would be hip with black.

  11. Hey Don, I thought it was strange that I hadn’t seen anything on flickr from you in a couple of days. I wish you the best though. I understand what you’re going through whereas my wife has had three surgeries on her neck and back and can no longer work.

    I remember in past post that you did work with vintage glass on Andre. Do you still have that glass or the adapters? I would love to meet
    and talk terms if you still do. Thx.

    1. Richard, sorry no..I have no more vintage stuff that I would sell. Much of the Leica collection was stoles last year from my friend’s home in Australia.

  12. In the same position as you. Had back problem for twenty years and now I’ve had to sell my gear. Sold some lenses this week and I’m left with the Xpro and 18-55 zoom. Hopefully they will sell soon too. I will be using my original X100 from now on and the GR is my daily carry. Doesn’t phase me really as I can use either of these and get successful shots. Maybe I should’ve realised sooner and never spent all that money in the first place. Anyway all the best to you.


    1. Paul, I understand completely. At first it was for the size/weight issues but after some time, the X100s is a better all around camera…shhhhh!

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