by streetshooter


2 thoughts on “05-17-0022

  1. Hey Don! I like this image the most – those superimposed heads in several layers & catching the lady´s smile before she realized, well done! And happy for you that you´re getting on so well with your X-Pro2! A fantastic camera, but I somehow couldn’t come to terms with the lower 0,59x mag finder with a for me too short eye-point (as spec´s wearer). See you´re a spec´s guy too – how d´you manage? You using OVF or EVF, with or w/o spec´s? Thanks in advance & wish you the best of light! Yours, Hendrik

    • Hendrik, thanks much. I don’t wear my glasses shooting
      I can see well enough and the view finder has diopter adjustments so I’m cool. I do mostly the EVF with most cameras because of the accuracy. The OVF is great also and i like it in low light.

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