March 29th, 2014 … Fuji X-P1 … A Guide To Self Discovery

03-14-0539Fuji X-P1  23mm

The above photo is on Flickr Explore. That’s a nice surprise but what’s even more surprising is the fact that I remember so well everything about the making of the photo. What I mean is, when I edited my photos in LR5, I looked at this one but didn’t pay much attention to it. I thought, it’s a good shot but…..

Then I went back into LR5 because I wanted to check things about the 23mm lens. No, not pixel peep but to road check the working FOV and to see how I was adapting. I saw this image on the screen and I remembered how Edmund Bacon and I would just stand here at this exact location and he would explain about architecture, city planning and how this was the spot of the 1st corner stone of our great City Hall here in Philadelphia. I looked at the cold masonry walls and how the light from Market Street just trickled in and vibrated and bounced to fill in the dark crevices where the shadows dwell.

I picked Andre’ the XP1 with the 23mm lens that acts like a 35mm lens and put him to my eye. The OVF, which I use all the time translated the light and shadows to my brain and excited the juices and nerve endings that would flow to the shooting finger. It was a beautiful scene that I had looked at more times than I could start to remember.

This time tho’, I felt Ed’s presence in my heart and my mind. The lessons of self discovery and the place in the world where what one does and what one makes effects everyone and everything around the life of the ones.

All this was happening in a fraction of time and then as I looked thru the finder, the light spilled once again and then, from nowhere, from the dark shadows of the cavern of City Hall…2 guys started to walk into my frame that because I use the OVF, I could…..CLICK!

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