Nex 6 and Voigtlander 21mm Skopar & 35mm 1.4 Nokton


The more things change, the more they stay the same. What the heck does that mean….dunno?

I find myself walking the same streets, alleys etc. I see the same buildings, cars, buses yeas and even people. With some people I’m past the nodding stage and have moved onto saying, yo…or hey, or hi or something to acknowledge I recognize that person. That person but not all because Philly is a big city and has many people in it and most are human but not all for sure but that particular person I say yo, hi, what’s up etc to also says the same to me.

It’s a ritual on the street and must be carried out without failing to miss someone. This does not in any way allow you to make photos of anyone but it would help things along if you wanted to.


There are times when I see people that I don’t know but still want to make a photo of them. Maybe they are doing something I find interesting. Maybe I find something interesting and want to make a photo and they are in the photo making procedure with someone else. Does that mean I am sharing the experience or does it mean I am just making a photo of their experience that they probably will never view the photo I made? Geeze, I’ll probably never view the photo that they made. They will but I won’t…..hmmmmmmm?


This Rocky fella, he don’t care about how many people make a photo of him and he’ll never see any of them. He just wants ya to pay money and come to see his movies. It’s ok cause he fought the Viet-Nam war better than I ever did.


Philly’s a cool place. we even got dads that drag their kid around cause he’s to friggin busy talking on the damn cell phone and he won’t stop the call so the kid has to get scraped from the concrete and bleed all over…… Nice Day Out With Daddy.


This is in the Visitor Center at Independence Hall. We got Ben Franklin, we gotz Geo Washington, Sam Adams (very famous Beer Maker), around the corner we have Besty Ross and her house. Don’t forget the LIBERTY BELL and the CONSTITUTION and all kinds of important historical stuff. Please don’t whatever you do….forget the Phillies…….

So everything stays the same here for me and maybe a few others. The faces change and my cameras and lenses change.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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