Nikon Coolpix A … The Streets of Philly


There comes a time for me when I need freedom. It’s not the camera that gives me the need for freedom, it’s the freedom to be able to change to a different camera. I’m working with the Oly Pen EP-5 and the Fuji X100s. So it was a day to take out Walker the Nikon Coolpix A.

So beings a screen camera Walker lends himself to working  the streets really fine. I don’t feel different aesthetically or emotionally with the Coolpix but yet I know there’s something going on whenever I change cameras. I don’t now what it it is but it’s something I tell ya.







I can’t write because it’s election day and there’s not one politician in office or that wants to be that will address the POW/MIA issue and fuck if I’ll vote for anyone that doesn’t support the issue.

seeya’s later………..

8 thoughts on “Nikon Coolpix A … The Streets of Philly”

  1. I can really understand that something going on when changing cameras, it is mysterious but real that feeling. It is somehow like meeting a well known person after a long time.
    Cheers and thx for your blog!

    1. Beni, OMG your a Genius. I always call my cameras by name and they are my friends. If I thought about it the way you just suggested, I might still be confused but I would be able to ask you why. Thanks my friend, don

  2. Don, I just got myself a LUMIX GF6 …no viewfinder …I thought that I would always need one , but not anymore. Now I understand why you like making photos with the OLY and the coolpix A !. Cheers Ian.

    1. Ian, The screen is the ideal way to use a camera. It isolates the 2 dimensional photo reality from the 3 dimensional reality. You can float it in time and space and see the photo form on the screen. I’m glad you found your way, don

  3. Changing cameras – like going out for a beer with a different friend. The interaction might be a little different – leading to different results or endings to the day. And I like the observation about 2 dimension vs 3 when comparing screen to VF. Never thought about it like that before. Take care and screw the politicians!

  4. Sometimes it’s good to change shoes too. Sundry clothing items too. Especially if it’s laundry day. It’s great to be alive and out on the streets. Blending in is one thing, standing out because you smell like it is another.

    Screens are a wonderful thing. I still have my draftcard. Very last group of that era to get one.

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