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November 17, 2016 … Random Thoughts … Random Photos … Fuji X100T

Just when ya think your ok, the gremlins knock at your door and let you know maybe your not. It’s so easy to take things for granted or to get complacent. Well, Andre the Fuji X100T doesn’t like me to be complacent. He is the image stimulator. As the country is in turmoil and disbelief and un-trusting to name a few things, that energy creeps into our creative energy. I guess it’s food for the photos and we all need that. Truthfully, with all the ruckus going on around me, I really don’t see much difference. I would like to but I am  blinded by the , hmmm…ummm… dare I say light? Nah…. something else. Don’t know what it is but I’m fighting it off really well without knowing what I’m fighting.


What I do notice is the growing number of homeless on the streets. I also see many more shooters out there. I also notice nicer cameras that people are wearing. I said this was random thoughts and it is. I notice the temperature is higher then one would expect for this time of year. There’s a quality of light that just gets me intoxicated and I never have enough of it. It sculpts the land and the people in a way that adds an emotional dimension that is hard to describe but it’s lovely to live in it. The texture, the tone, the intensity, all just get me going.


I think Garry nailed it when he said, he photographs things to see what they look like as a photograph. I been looking at this kind of scene for a while.. I ride Septa Bus and Elevated almost every weekday. Yes I have a car but I prefer being in life rather than driving thru it. Besides, this in Philly and there are 2 ppl that have a drivers license that they took the test for and I’m one of them. Many others seem to buy it at K-Mart or Pep Boys etc. Well, they drive that way. I think the time of the seasons doe have an effect as to what and how we tune into things.




So Wouter has been posting few words and more photos on a weekly basis. I may do the same because I might just feel things better.

Be Blessed and C sharp and B natural.


9 thoughts on “November 17, 2016 … Random Thoughts … Random Photos … Fuji X100T

  1. I have you Bookmarked and look most days to see if you have added something. Certainly don’t get notified like I did.
    Still, take heart as well as pictures, you are worth looking for!

    • Jesse, thanks much. No one including me is getting notifications. I just spoke with Olivier in Korea and he will try to make it work.
      Thank you my friend…… I’ll be looking for you too…..

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