November 21st, 2013 ….. 街道射手 on the Street

It was cold outside. Not the kind that is coming to us but the kind that lets you know what is going to come. I still remember the warmth in the air but now, it’s just a dream. I had just finished a conversation with Olivier about some things for the website and magazine. The phone rang again and on the other end of the line was the sound of a young Asian woman. She said she was a friend of Suzanne and wanted to talk to me about some photography issues. Well, I agreed and she said she would be where I was in 20 minutes. I was at the Reading Terminal Market at Sang Kee eating dumplings, rice and an egg roll. The is the real street shooters meal.

About 15 minutes later, a young Asian Woman tapped me on my shoulder and introduced herself. She said I should call her Polly. Well, I asked her how she knew it was me she was tapping and she said, the hat…the hat.  Anyway, Polly is a Gynecologist and an avid photographer. She seemed very timid and that could be an issue soon. She explained she was having issues with her camera and wanted help in setting it up and it’s use. So we went to the small park and we sat and I prompted her for the camera. Ok, now we all know what was coming out of her pocketbook. No, not a phone. No, not a compact….of course, your right….

She pulls out a nice M9 with a 35mm Lux on it. She struggled with it for a spell and I with all kindness in heart offered to exchange my XE1 and 18mm lens because it’s so much easier than the M.

Your not funny Mr Don. She got the camera 3 days ago on Suzanne’s suggestion. She didn’t understand why the zoom didn’t work on the Lux. She didn’t understand why the AF box just stays still and will not lock focus. There’s a dozen things she doesn’t get but there’s one thing she gets and will help in many ways. Me. I have taken on another private student. She’s nice and wants to walk the streets and make photos like I do. Cool beans.

I asked for her email address and when she sent it to me, as we sat there….I noticed some Chinese letters. I asked her what it meant. Silly man she said… 街道射手 Street Shooter.

The process of knowledge swapping from brain to brain starts tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “November 21st, 2013 ….. 街道射手 on the Street”

    1. Thanks Duane. Tanya is not as excited about this as Polly is.

      She showed me some photos on her iPod thinggy….she has a good eye but as far as the M goes…not even a clue.

      1. I didn’t either when my Leica M-E arrived. Prior to the camera arriving I had maybe spent 5 minutes or less handling the M9 while in Barcelona. That ghosty thing that I thought was for “autofocus” had me befuddled for a bit too.

        However, with a teacher like you and the equipment in hand, I think this will make an interesting and challenging endeavor!

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