November 25th, 2017 … A More Personal Shooter … I Thought I was

Apparently some of youse would like me to be more personal on this blog. To be honest, I thought most of my post were personal. I didn’t know did I? So as it turns out, I am posting personal stuff but the perpetrators that have mentioned the impersonal personal post want me to be more personally specific about my personal technical aspects of what I do.  So I suppose I have to reveal the mystical formulae of what constructs my photos. Well, first off I am very specific about my cameras. Here’s what I have in the cabinet. The cabinet is the holly place that my friends live in. Top shelf has Penelope the Ricoh GRD4, then Mom the Ricoh GRII and Minor the Olympus TG4.

Middle shelf has Walker the Fuji X-Pro2 with lenses and then Garry the Fuji X-100F. Bottom shelf has Andre’ the Leica M240 with lenses and Ding the Leica X113.

I have been criticized for naming my cameras. Well, tuff do do, I do for a reason. For me, photography is a way of life, well it is my life. For those that criticize me, here’s something else I think about. If someone thinks lineal and 1 dimensional, well I understand that and get the criticism. Here’s my take and not a defense. Humans, even politicians are born detached. We detach from Mother and never get passed that. All our lives we struggle with being detached and alone and isolated, emotionally mostly.

The main body of my work is about detachment. Even on the streets, I find myself dealing with isolation, detachment and loneliness. So now that we are are Kumbaya (spelling)…and agree with me, here’s my point.

If your sitting and watching Tele, your really watching what the tele can do for you. The tele is just a tool to provide entertainment in one manner or another. The truth is that the tele, is not a tool at all, it it the bringer of all the 2 dimensional magic you want and choose. Funny thing, my cameras do the same thing.

My cameras are a metaphor for my photography and my life in and with it. For example, Walker the Fuji X-Pro2 is not just my camera but everything that photography is for me and I for it. Naming my cameras keeps me attached within myself and with my passion for photography and keeps my heart and soul connected. I dare not ever not name a camera. I would never ever disrespect Mother Light and Father Photography. I will never take my passion and trust and commitment being a shooter lightly and as a pedestrian shooter.

My name is Don. I am a street shooter, I live photography and I name my cameras and they are all my Dream Catchers.

4 thoughts on “November 25th, 2017 … A More Personal Shooter … I Thought I was”

  1. Don, I’ve always thought you shared so much of yourself and your cameras. And where you’ve come from to get to this point in your life. About the cabinet … with Christmas coming I guess it could be a holly place as you stated – as in Jolly Holly. But I suspect it is a Holy place for your cameras. I like the idea of having a special place for your cameras – they are SO much a part of your life. For you … it IS your life. Take care!

    1. Thanks Dave, very much appreciated….on that note, maybe you could send a note to Da Wifey so she understands also…..

    1. Thanks Dean, it’s not that I feel better, it’s that Tanya don’t wanna take care of me anymore. She told me I am better, Dunno

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