November 27th, 2016 … Dancing In The Moment With Andre’ the Fuji X100T


We talk of “Being in the Moment” as if it was some metaphysical esoteric place to be. Well I suppose it is. For me it’s the coming together of the Here and Now and being aware of my place in it. Then feeling and breathing photography. I talked before about intrusions and we all agree that we don’t need them. I suppose the only ones we should and have to deal with are the ones out there where our subject matter is. Those are the only ones we need to be concerned with.

Well, ain’t I the lucky one, I have those intrusions all the time. When I taught workshops, I made it a point to make sure the members, (I don’t like students because I’m not a teacher) understood the importance of timing and the need to anticipate it. The shot above called me to be present with the Airstream. I was framing and moving around and I could sense something but not sure what. Andre’ the Fuji X100T as always is at the ready….I held my stance and ….CLICK!


I have mentored, taught, guided many people about photography. There is one lady that still calls me to go out and work. Polly, the Japanese Heart Surgeon. She told me a few years ago that I don’t walk thru life with a camera but I dance thru life with a camera. That is one of the most special statements anyone has ever said to me. The photo above is me doing exactly that.

When I was a young lad, my mother used to put movies on and we would watch them with little interest but she was happy we were spending time together. There were many actors and actresses (proper term back then, considered politically correct) that I enjoyed watching. Gene Kelly. Singing In The Rain. That’s what I thought of when Polly told me I danced thru life. I was Gene Kelly with Andre’ the Fuji X100T.


Ya know, I will miss Philly and the people and my family and my cameras and especially Andre’ the Fuji X100T when I’m dead. But I ain’t going anyplace yet my friends and I’m gonna make my photos my way and stand for them and not think about much else when I’m out there making photos.

At any rate, time for me to rest my weary legs and back cause tomorrow is a shoot day again and I’m excited.

………. end transmission…………..shooter out……….



10 thoughts on “November 27th, 2016 … Dancing In The Moment With Andre’ the Fuji X100T”

  1. Thanks for broadcasting your ideas out there…its been some time since I discovered your blog ….. just wanted to say that your blog and you helped me a lot… or I would be shooting as I ma shooting today if I didn’t find this space…

  2. Imagine if we all danced through life no matter what we do? What would the world look like if all the leaders got together and had a dance? Waltzes, the Monkey, the Twist, etc.? Doing whatever they felt. Happy. Anger. Yo! Don’t push that button! Lets dance to Nirvana and then followup with Feelin Groovy.

    The world would be a better place.

        1. …. yea pat was dedicated to richard for sure…. ain’t that Hope lives up on 91st. I know shes all messed up and it’s nice of one of our candidates to be concerned….yes, good ole’ Hope I wondered where Hope went

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