November 6th, 2013 ….. Fuji X-E1 and Heliar 15mm On The Street

11-13-0170There’s something about using  a lens with a focus scale and  dof  markings. The Voigtlander Heliar 15mm f/4.5 has both and that is a real pleasure to work with. I’m getting my old feelings back. I used to never use a light meter and I always felt the light to set my lens. With the move to digital photography, I kinda let those natural abilities rest not knowing when or if they could be used again.

Here’s what I do. I use Manual exposure always on every camera but>>>>the camera must have Auto ISO. That way I can set the aperture and the shutter speed and the camera will make sure I am right by using the proper ISO so as I can feel like I still have that native talent of feeling the light. The thing is, I like a camera with a controlled sense of humor. If the camera uses Auto ISO but doesn’t limit to some place I want it to….it has a nasty sense of humor. Many have found the way to the bay!

11-13-0163The Fuji X-E1 and X-Pro 1 let me do the M mode thing and also Auto ISO. If I’m in manual mode as I already established…I don’t need the camera to have a setting for lower shutter speed limit. I can do that with the shutter speed. I can also set my high limit on the ISO.

I really loved the Ricoh GR and have nothing bad to say about it. I moved it because at the time I used it, the TAv mode went crazy on me and my ISO would go high, like really high. Then one day I was looking at my notes and when I was admin for Amin at Serious Compacts…. I remembered that I made a promise to myself about never owning a camera I couldn’t clean the sensor or rear element of the lens.

11-13-0169So I moved the GR for a few reasonable reasons. The joy I get cleaning the sensor and lenses, both front and rear can only be realized by others experiencing the same things.

The X-E1 has a real nice feel to it, it’s very feminine but I ain’t never ever naming a camera after my wife again. It’s a delicate feeling camera that handles business in a very orderly fashion. It handles manual lenses very well, almost as good as the Sony Nex 6. On the street with the 15mm, I just set say, f/5.6   1/250. If the light gets brighter, I’ll go to f/8 and if the shadows rule, f/4.5. It takes just a second or two, really to change the f/stop and focus distance.

There’s talk of smearing in the corners but I have tested and I find of course, it’s not as sharp in the corners but certainly way past being acceptable. I’m sure most issues with any camera and legacy lenses is due to the MOUNT! I have plenty and all have some movement to them except…the FUJI M TO X MOUNT ADAPTER. If you use the Fuji cameras and plan on using M mount glass, I strongly suggest you use this adapter. If your anywhere near the Phila region, you can try mine out and see how good it works.

11-13-0173Tomorrow I’m taking the X-Pro 1 out and giving it a good run. I might just take the camera bag with both, lenses…oh’ boy…oh boy!

6 thoughts on “November 6th, 2013 ….. Fuji X-E1 and Heliar 15mm On The Street”

  1. I have to agree with your promise to never shoot with a camera you can’t clean, whether it’s the sensor or lens. I really enjoyed my GRDIII but once it contracted some dust inside that I couldn’t remove my love for it was no more. Still a nice camera but would require buying a new to fix the problem as the repair cost was going to about as much.

    Love the shot of your reflection on the stairs!

    1. Duane, it’s been years since I’ve had peace of mind with compact cameras. My daughter used my Canon G9 in the desert and I used it doing motorcycle missions and not a speck of dust on the sensor. Sure, it’s dented, broken screen etc but no dust.
      I have peace now with the Fuji’s as I can clean the sensors and rear elements….

  2. Awesome shots Don. This dust thing has me doubting the GR. Id thought a fixed lens would have prevented that!

    1. It’s a serious design flaw. My camera ended up her in Philly and I spoke with the guy this morning. He’s seeing lots of dust spots. H’e had the camera since September. Mo more for me….
      Thanks for stopping by…..

  3. I like sunstars in my photos but they seem to be quite obtrusive when it comes to Voigtlander 15mm, aren’t they?

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