November 7th, 2016 … Choosing a Camera Amid the Confusion


Let me start off by stating that Septa, the local Transportation Authority has been on strike for a week …. and then of course it’s election time  here and that all kinda settles out tomorrow. Don’t forget Halloween and hiding some candy from Tanya to enjoy later but she knows all the hiding places I use and she took all the M&M’s and put a piece of garlic there and then I knew I was caught and well… more fodder for the non productive fishes.

So, anything to blame a period of non productivity on except maybe the real truth, and even that is subject to change.

To the point. Well, ever since I was a fetus in mom, I used a Leica M4 with a 35mm Cron. Wasn’t much subject matter in there so i mostly wrote on my Mac. One day, mom decided it was time to empty the fetus apartment and I came out to a world that wasn’t digital. Imagine that. I was breast fed and of course had my trusty M4 that only I had cause it wasn’t invented yet.

That part may be hard to believe but it’s truth as far as I remember. Of course, I don’t remember shit anymore but I remember this part even if I forgot it.

Well, I have always migrated to a M4 and 35mm either a Cron or a Lux. I felt the FOV was the most natural for me. I had many Leica lenses for my cameras and always struggled to bond to any other then my 35’s. It wasn’t the lenses that I had an issue with, it was the FOV.

Natural Field of View

Natural Field of View is when you spot a scene, frame it in your mind and then raise the camera to make the photo and the FOV of the lens on the camera sees the frame closest to what you envisioned. This is absolutely crucial to the failure or success of the “Decisive Moment”. For me it’s always been natural with a 35mm FOV. Then enter the acquired FOV. Acquired FOV happens when you use a lens that changes the FOV and you need to adjust for what it sees.

There are other factors involved such as. Let’s say the my Fuji X100T is my natural FOV because it sees 35mm, and it is. Then I decide sometimes against my will to take out my Ricoh GRII. Dang it, that camera sees 28mm FOV. Hmmmm, maybe I want to take out my Pen F and that camera really shakes things up. I have a variety  of lenses for Serendipity.

When I’m ready to go out to work, I have to decide which camera to take. I don’t like the decision making procedure. I really love my cameras to the point that I name them. Yo’, my shrink thinks it’s ok to do this. It establishes a connection. CONNECTION! Perhaps  a connection is what is needed for all shooters in the way of camera, mind, heart and subject matter.

I don’t know for sure but here in Northeast Philly, it’s thought to be true. There are truths and lies to the universe and then there is the undiscovered. The truth is that we are all in love with photography. The lies is that we don’t need more gear to mess things up.

The undiscovered is out there and waiting for you and your camera to make a photo. Go on, get out there and find it….that’s what I’m gonna do.

12 thoughts on “November 7th, 2016 … Choosing a Camera Amid the Confusion”

  1. I am still with my Oly OMD EM 10. Only what I can’t figure out is how to fix focus point in the middle of the grid so it won’t move. I often press arrow controls by accident and my focus point moves from the center. Is there a way how to leave the spot in the middle?

    1. Pavel, what mode do you have the AF set to? Sounds like continuous. Make sure your on sin point and them move the af point to center and it will stay there, well unless you move it again by accident.

      1. Thank you! I am in single shot mode, I don’t use continuous. It moves by accident as you say, but it happens to me all the time. Perhaps it is the way how I hold the camera in rush…

          1. Yep, when shooting from the hip, or partly, I don’t hold the camera properly and it happens.

          2. Well, that will do it. The comment below from Pstmstr brings up a good point about Touch Screen. Myself, I always turn it off on any camera.

        1. i figured that, i tried, but it happens all the time, accident happens too often…thats why i wanted to figure out how to keep that focus on one place.

          will check if i can set those controls to another function…

          1. I had that happen on the EP-5 until I changed the duty of the buttons. I still think it’s a 2 button press procedure.

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